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One concept of BSA security is not well understood. This is the use of the MP platoon and the understanding of what it can do for the BSA. Current doctrine has a direct support MP platoon located in the BSA to perform battlefield circulation control, MSR security, and area security around the BSA. By locating in the BSA, the MP platoon leader has close liaison with the brigade staff and assigns missions that are based upon the priorities set by the brigade commander. The trend is that the brigade commander delegates control of the MPs to the FSB commander and his staff. The FSB staff and the MP platoon leader are not familiar with each other's functions and capabilities.

Units that train together fight well together. Incorporate MPs into FSB home-station training. Use CPXs and TEWTs to hone staff-level interoperating skills. Use FTXs to practice realistic rear area operations. Conduct IPB in brigade rear to develop MP patrol and OPLANs.

Route signing greatly enhances movement of vehicles along MSRs during convoy operations. Route sign kits prevent confusion at critical points and identify hazardous areas. In the absence of standard route sign kits, temporary signs can be made. Route signs significantly reduce the need for MP employment at static posts, thus conserving manpower for security operations. Signs get damaged, removed, and turned. Routinely check route signs for tampering.

The desert is an easy place to get lost, and often land navigation techniques are of no use. An Operation DESERT STORM unit used filled sandbags as markers along its MSR. This provided an easily recognizable route among the many sand dunes. Order sign-marking kit, portable (NSN 3610-01-219-6780), to solve route-signing problems. The kit is projected to be available in November 1991

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