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ADSIAir Defense Space Interface
AFSATCOMAir Force Satellite Communications
ARCENTArmy Central Command
ARSPACEArmy Space Command
CENTAFCentral Air Force
CENTCOMCentral Command
CINCcommander in chief
CINCUSAREURCommander in Chief, U. S. Army, Europe
COEChief of Engineers
Constant Sourcedevelopmental workstation
CRCControl and Reporting Center
DCSOPSDeputy Chief of Staff, Operations and Plans
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program
DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System
DSPDefense Support Program
EACechelons above corps
ERDASEarth Resources Data Analysis System; commercial software used for image
analysis, image enhancement, data merging and terrain visualization task
FAISSFORSCOM Automated Intelligence Support System
FLTSATFleet Satellite Communications System
FMfrequency modulation
FORSCOMU. S. Forces Command
Geostationary orbitAn orbit that keeps a satellite positioned over one part of the world. Used for communications, weather, and other satellites that are required to ``stare'' at one part of the earth all the time.
GMFground mobile force
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite; the US geostationary satellite(s) that operates in the western hemisphere.
GPSGlobal Positioning System
InmarsatInternational Maritime Satellite (Low-capacity commercial satellite communications system)
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite (High-capacity commercial satellite communications system)
JCEOICommunications-Electronics Operating Instructions
JCSJoint Chiefs of Staff
LandsatUS multispectral earth remote sensing satellite
LAUELightweight Army User Equipment; future small precision GPS receiver
LRSULong-Range Surveillance Unit
MeteorSoviet polar-orbiting weather satellite
METEOSATEuropean geostationary weather satellite
MILSATCOMMilitary Satellite Communications System
MLRSMultiple Launch Rocket System
MSIMultispectral Imagery
Multispectral imageryImages obtained simultaneously in a number of discrete imagery bands
in the electromagnetic spectrum
M/Vmanpack/vehicular; class of GPS receiver
NCANational Command Authority
NCOnoncommissioned officer
PADSPosition/Azimuth Determining System
PCpersonnel computer
PLGRPrecision Lightweight GPS Receiver
Polar Orbitorbit that passes over the north and south poles.
SATCOMsatellite communications
SCUDSoviet-made tactical missile
SLGRSmall, Lightweight GPS Receiver
SOFSpecial Operation Forces
Spatial resolutionmeasurement of the smallest angular or linear separation between two objects that can
be resolved by a sensor
Spectrumrange of electromagnetic wavelengths (e.g., visible, ultraviolet, X-rays)
SPOTSatellite Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre (French satellite used for earth observation)
STU IIIsecure voice and data telephone
SUNa type of desktop computer
SWOStaff Weather Officer
Terrabase/MS Imagersoftware for manipulating MSI data; produced by the United States Military Academy Geography Laboratory
TERSTactical Event Reporting System
TIROSTelevision Infrared Observation Satellite; US polar-orbiting weather satellite
TMDTactical Missile Defense
TO&table(s) of organization and equipment
TRAPTactical Receive and Related Applications
TSSTopographic Support System
USCINCSPACEUS Commander in Chief, Space Command
Weathertraccommercial weather satellite software
WraaseGerman manufacturer of satellite receiver

Table of Contents
Chapter 4: Communications
Appendix B: Satellite Footprint

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