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(Tactical Operations Center)
(H-30 Minutes)

At 0330 LT Jacobson's scouts reported large formations of enemy armored vehicles were moving toward BP DAUNTLESS. At the same time, enemy aircraft and attack helicopters hit the forward edges of the battle position. The scouts reported they had called in artillery fires on several enemy reconnaissance elements and on the forward elements of the attacking regiment in an effort to get their formations to deploy early. They also had reported they had fired on and destroyed several enemy artillery units occupying positions and preparing to fire.

The TOC came alive with the first sounds of battle. The first reports from the teams were of aircraft knocked from the sky by the Stinger gunners and by fires from their own weapons. Even as the reports of successes filtered in, it was obvious that something was going wrong. TMs LANCE and MUSKET had their hands full but were holding. Both teams reported they were receiving casualties and had lost several vehicles. The commanders reported they also were inflicting far more casualties than they were taking.

LTC Bryant was concerned he was not hearing anything on the battle nets of TM BAYONET. He could hear the crash of battle but nothing on the radio. He began to feel a knot tighten in his stomach. He knew something had to be wrong. It was unlike Jack Crafton to ever pass up an opportunity to tell everyone how successful he was.

Suddenly the radio crackled with the voice of Tom Bolten reporting what appeared to be a major penetration of TM BAYONET's battle position. At the same time, the scouts reported the attacking force appeared to be shifting more toward TM BAYONET, and some of them had not yet deployed out of march formation.

Realizing the situation was rapidly disintegrating, Bryant radioed the Commander of TM SABRE and ordered him to counterattack against the enemy penetration. There was no response, just the piercing sound of an enemy jammer on the command net.

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