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(H+90 Minutes)

The commander of the enemy regiment, after cutting into the defense so easily, could not believe what was happening. Every time one of his battalions or companies did something to extricate themselves from the hornet's nest they found, something would hit them harder than before. Quickly, it became apparent they were trapped, and their attack was doomed to fail. Every time one of his tanks fired into the counterattacking force, several rounds would be returned with a vengeance. Vehicles all around him were erupting with blinding flashes as turrets disappeared.

As the battlefield around him turned to chaos, the commander slammed his fist down against the turret. Where was the enemy at? His force was being blown apart at the will of the defender. Whatever the positions of the tanks and IFV he faced, they had reduced his ability to acquire, fire, and maneuver without risking the destruction of each vehicle.

Obviously, the prep fires from his regimental artillery had not had much effect. Maybe those crafty tankers and infantry they were facing had used fake positions, or moved after the dismounted recon force had made their report.

Control of the regiment was lost. The remaining vehicles tried to move around the battlefield and avoid obstacles created by the smoke and fires of the disabled vehicles of the regiment. Everything began to jam up as the defending gunners deliberately picked their targets and dispatched them effortlessly.

As the regiment turned to pull out of the maelstrom, a storm of artillery and mortar fire fell on them with devastating affect. The commander of the enemy regiment died as a TOW missile launched from LT Thorne's Bradley removed the turret of his tank.

btn_tabl.gif 1.21 KTable of Contents
btn_prev.gif 1.18 KTEAM SABRE (Tactical Assembly Area) (H+45 minutes)
btn_next.gif 1.17 KTASK FORCE BRYANT (Tactical Operations Center) (H+3 Hours)

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