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  • The overall control by civil authority in LIC is paramount.
  • All military operations must fit within the context of an overall country/regional plan.
  • This requires a fundamental mental shift and focus when dealing with LIC.
  • Conflict or violence does not always imply or even permit a uniquely military solution with accompanying military control.
  • Conflict will often involve determining implied intermediate political objectives, which will require the support of military forces and operations to achieve.


  • Keep the primary mission (force protection, peacekeeping observer, etc.) of the unit in the forefront, with consideration given to other unit-desired training as a side benefit only.
  • Often a relationship exists between fulfilling mission requirements and conducting useful unit training (as in the previous engineer example).
  • Low intensity does not equal low interest. Approach LIC missions and pre-mission training with the same sense of purpose as combat in Central Europe (High Intensity).

Table of Contents
The Operational Continuum
Imperatives of Low Intensity Conflict

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