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The reality of tomorrow's battlefield requires that all elements of the fighting force prepare to fight and win anywhere, anytime, and against any threat.

As light force doctrine has matured over the past several years, the emphasis of light infantry has been expanded to include operations in mid- and high-intensity conflicts. The Army recognizes the utility of employing light infantry forces on battlefields that were previously considered only suitable for heavy mechanized and armored forces.

From the first heavy-light rotation at the National Training Center through the most recent deployment of a light force into the REFORGER 88 exercise in USAREUR, valuable lessons have been learned on how to use light and heavy forces together as a team on the battlefield. The lessons learned in the dust and heat of the National Training Center are valid on the cold, damp lains of Germany or in the frigid mountains of Korea.

This newsletter is not only for light forces, it is also for the mechanized and armored forces that will employ light forces in combined arms operations on the next battlefield. As with any combat element, proper employment of light forces can have a dramatic effect on the battlefield.

The intent of this newsletter is two-fold. Primary is our desire to provide the heavy force commanders with valid lessons learned from heavy-light operations and experiences from all theaters and Combat Training Centers. Secondary is to stimulate thought and discussion on the synergism of employing light and heavy forces as a combined arms team.

As we conduct more heavy-light combined arms training and light-heavy operations such as the one conducted recently at the Joint Readiness Training Center, we will continue to provide you, our readers, with the most combat relevant lessons learned.

A special thanks is offered to the many heavy and light fighters who have contributed to the direction and development of this newsletter.

Brigadier General, USA

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Historical Perspective

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