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This section of the CALL Bulletin is devoted to the commitment each of us must make to constantly broaden our knowledge of our potential battlefield adversaries.

Learn From Our Opponents' Experiences

Daily, throughout the world, battles are being fought and lessons being derived from actions of soldiers and units who, one day, may be our opponent on some near or distant battlefield. We must learn from these lessons and, further, determine the impact of how we, ourselves, will conduct operations to either exploit a vulnerability or overcome an advantage of our enemy.

New Soviet Army Corps

In FM 100-2-1, The Soviet Army: Operations and Tactics, p 4-9, there is a discussion about the Soviet Operational Maneuver Group (OMG). A recent development in Soviet Ground Forces indicates that two former Soviet divisions have been reformed into two new Army Corps, each of which is almost twice the size of a tank division. We can expect the equipment of these new Army Corps to consist of the newest and most mobile vehicles and weapons systems. The corps-type structure probably contains over 450 tanks, 600 BMPs, and 300 self-propelled artillery pieces.

We, here at the Combined Arms Center (CAC), see these new Corps organizations as the forerunner of a designated OMG for the front commander. They are ideally suited to conduct high speed, large-scale operations deep in an enemy's rear area. Should these corps-sized OMG be successful in penetrating to our Corps rear area, we could expect them to be assigned a rather specific objective which would serve to complement the Soviet front commander's battle plan. Disruption of our rear operations would be an obvious mission. These potential OMG corps are also large enough and have sufficient combat power to be committed in other than the main attack zone for the front, thereby creating an increased opportunity for the success of the main attack.

What Have You Learned About Your Adversary?

As we continually juxtapose opposing forces during training exercises, insights will be available and LESSONS LEARNED as to how both armies fought. Whether at Hohenfels Training Area in FRG, our National Training Center in Ft Irwin, CA, or Pohakuloa Training Area in Hawaii, these lessons about how our enemy fights are a vital part of our understanding of how the next war or battle may be fought. Send us your lessons learned about our enemy as well as lessons you learned about your own operations.

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