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Operation URGENT FURY and field exercises have reinforced the requirement for a single individual to coordinate all fire support available to a maneuver commander. History, to include the recent operation in Grenada, shows that failure to coordinate the application of fire power with the person responsible for fire support in a commander's AO results in inflicting friendly casualties. The person responsible for this coordination is the FSCOORD. FM 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Symbols, p 1-32, states that the FSCOORD is the senior field artillery officer at each echelon above maneuver platoon who serves as the principal advisor to the commander for the planning and coordination of all available fire support. According to FM 6-20, Fire Support in Combined Arms Operations, p 2-2, these FSCOORDs are normally the corps artillery commander, the division artillery commander, the FA DS battalion commander (for a brigade or regiment), the maneuver battalion/squadron fire support officer (FSO), and the company/troop FSO. An FA brigade commander may also be the FSCOORD for a force, if he is the senior field artillery officer in the force.

Army commanders at all levels should establish and use their FSCOORD as the single point of contact within their organization for all fire support liaison officers. The FSCOORD should be responsible for planning and coordinating the execution of all fire support. As the maneuver commander's primary advisor on fire support--responsible for coordinating all fires in the maneuver area of operations--the FSCOORD must have some degree of control over the application of all fire support. The integration and synchronization of fire support assets becomes critical when the maneuver commander has not only field artillery, but also Air Force close air support (CAS), Marine Corps CAS, Navy CAS, and/or naval gunfire support available. In the Secret NOFORN report, US Army Lessons Learned from Operation URGENT FURY, HQDA recommends that the ALO and the ANGLICO personnel at every level be under the operational control of the FSCOORD at that level.

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