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The requirement to field new antenna equipment that can be safely used at heights of 30 meters and greater has been surfaced by USAREUR for the last eight years. HQ TRADOC, the United States Army Signal Center, and HQ CECOM are working together to develop and field new antenna equipment that will solve antenna height problems.

AB-1309 Antenna Assembly

The AB-1309 was tested in Europe and was found to be too heavy for use at corps and division levels. A limited quantity of AB-1309s are being procured for use with the Digital Group Multiplexer (DGM) at Echelons Above Corps.

MK-2044/G Extension Kit For The AN/TRC-138 Radio Terminal Set

Three MK-2044/G Kits are used to extend the height of the three AB-621/G Antenna Masts, components of the AN/TRC-138 Set, to 30 meters. The MK-2044/G Kit was tested in Europe during 1984-1985, and there was not enough space in the AN/TRC-138 Set truck or trailer to carry the MK-2044/G Kits. HQ AMC and HQ USAREUR are currently working to solve this problem.

Lightweight Antenna Mounting Bar

HQ CECOM and the Signal Center are developing a lightweight mounting bar which will be used to mount two or three antennas on the AB-577, AB-621A/G, or the AB-952 Antenna Mast. This will eliminate the need for two or three antenna masts to be used with each multichannel assemblage and help solve weight, space, and transportability problems.

The prototype of the lightweight antenna bar will be tested at Fort Bragg, NC during FY86. If the test results are satisfactory, CECOM plans to procure and issue antenna bars to units beginning 1st Qtr FY88.

Quick Erect Antenna Mast (QEAM) Program

The Signal Center is continuing the series of Quick Erect Antenna Masts Program which will provide antenna masts for various heights (10, 20, 30 and 34 meters). The QEAMs will be issued to units that are not scheduled to be issued Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE). The QEAM prototypes should be available during 4th Qtr FY88.

The MSE Program

The Mobile Subscriber Equipment Program will solve the antenna height problem at corps and division level. The program will provide 10, 20, and 30 meter antenna masts to units beginning FY88.


Reserve Component units with contingency missions to Europe must have the capability to rapidly convert their Radio Teletypewriter (RATT) assemblages to operate at the NATO standard speed of 66 words per minute (WPM).

Interim Solutions

  • TT-98 Teletypewriters in RATT assemblages are being replaced with AN/UGC-74A(V)3 communications terminals. The UGC-74A(V)3 has speed options of 60-600 WPM.

  • Units without the UGC-74A who have contingency missions for Europe and must meet the NATO standard should order worm gear NSN 3020-00-407-6162 to change their TT-98s, when required, to the NATO standard.

TRTS Will Replace The RATT

The new Tactical Record Traffic System (TRTS) will replace current RATT assemblages starting in FY88. The use of RATT assemblages will be eliminated once the TRTS is fully fielded.

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