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CALL Newsletter 04-13
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
CAAT II Initial Impressions Report (IIR)

Chapter 4: Combat Service Support
Topic F: Health Service Support

Subtopic 7: Stretchers

Observation Synopsis

During the summer, with the extreme heat in Iraq, the older canvas stretchers started disintegrating. The canvas easily ripped, and it was difficult to remove the stains of blood and body fluids from them in an environment where water supplies were extremely limited.

Lessons Learned

  • Canvas stretchers are not durable in the extreme temperatures of the Middle East.
  • Water is not readily available to clean and decontaminate stretchers stained with blood or other body fluids.

DOTMLPF Implications

Materiel: The Army should replace ALL canvas stretchers with the new synthetic stretchers. The new stretchers are impermeable to fluids, they are stronger and easier to clean and maintain. They did not appear to be affected by the extreme desert environment.

Table of Supporting Observations

Observation Title CALLCOMS
File Number
Stretchers 10000-20588

Table of Contents
Chapter 4-Topic F-Subtopic 6: Medical Hazardous Waste
Chapter 4-Topic F-Subtopic 8: Patient Transport

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