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Nothing in these rules limits your right and obligation of self-defense

Civilians1. Treat with dignity and respect.
2. Warn and evacuate if possible when firing in populated areas.
Do not target.Fire in self-defense when:
a. Apparent hostile intent; and
b. Civilian appears ready to engage.
Preserve to greatest extent possible.1. Destruction of bridges, utilities, dams, etc., requires COMJTF approval through Bde.
2. Do not destroy civilian private property unless unavoidable.
3. Firing on churches, cultural landmarks, etc., requires COMJTF approval through Bde.
Destruction of civilian property is sometimes an unavoidable consequence of combat operations.
Indirect FireMust be observed. 1. Q36 radar counts as observed fire.
2. Unobserved fire in populated area if:
a. Unit in danger of being overrun; or
b. COMJTF directs or approves through Bde.
3. Unobserved fire in unpolluted area if:
a. Target clearly identified; and
b. Tactical Cdr directing fire deems essential.
Aviation1. Missions controlled by FAC/FO with eyes of target.
2. Positively ID ground forces as enemy before attacking.
1. Attacks in populated areas require COMJTF approval through Bde.
2. Jettison munitions only in designated areas in daylight (VFR) or under positive radar control (night/IFR).
FAC/FO must have 2-way radio comms with both the aircraft and friendly fires.
ADAMust positively ID aircraft as enemy before engaging. Exception is when "weapons free" order is given.
Weapon TypesMines must be marked, recorded, and under visual observation until recovered.Incendiary weapons (white phosphorus) in populated areas require COMJTF approval thru Bde.
ChemicalBde Cdr release authority RCAs.1. Use of lethal or incapacitating agents requires COMJTF approval thru Bde.
2. Herbicides prohibited.
RCA available to control riots, when enemy uses civilians to mask or screen, during rescue missions, or for convoy security
JAG located at main TOCNet: A/L
MSE: 529-6033
JAG Call Sign: Lap 53
Team Village Call Sign: Holy Grail 19

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