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Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chapter 7:  Myths of Digital Technology
Table of Contents

- A -

AAR: after-action review
ABCS: Army Battle Command System
AFATDS: Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
ASAS: All-Source Analysis System

- B -

1BCT: 1st Brigade Combat Team (4th Infantry Division, Ft. Hood, TX)
BRT: brigade reconnaissance troop

- C -

CSM: command sergeant major
CSS: combat service support

- D -

DOTLMS: doctrine, organization, training, leader development, materiel, and soldiers
DTG: date-time group

- E -

EEFE: essential elements of friendly information
EPLRS: Enhanced Position Location Reporting System

- F -

FBCB2: Force XXI Battle Command Battalion/Brigade and Below
FSO: fire support officer
FSB: forward support battalion
FSC: forward support company

- G -

GED: general equivalency diploma
GT: general test

- H -

HVA: high-value asset

- J -

JSTARS: Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

- L -

LO: liaison officer

- M -

MCS: Maneuver Control System
MLRS: Multiple-Launch Rocket System
MOS: military occupational specialty
MSE: mobile subscriber equipment

- N -

NAI: named area of interest
NCO: non-commissioned officer
NTDR: near-term digital radio
NTC: National Training Center

- O -

O/C: observer/controller
OER: officer efficiency report
OPFOR: opposing force

- P -

PIR: priority information requirement
PT: physical training

- R -

RTO: radio-telephone operator

- S -

SINCGARS: Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SKA: skills, knowledge, and attributes
SOP: standing operating procedure

- T -

TACSOP: tactical standing operating procedure
TAI: targeted area of interest
TOC: Tactical Operations Center
TTP: tactics, techniques, and procedures

- U -

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
US: United States
USA: United States Army

Chapter 7:  Myths of Digital Technology
Table of Contents

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