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Appendix B


Appendix A:  Army Battle Command Systems Descriptions
Table of Contents

- A -

AAR: after-action review
ABCS: Army Battle Command System
AD: air defense
ADTOC: Air Defense Tactical Operations Center

AFATDS: Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AGCCS: Army Global Command and Control System
AIT: advanced individual training
AMD: air and missile defense

AMDWS: air and missile defense workstation
ANCOC: Advanced Non-commissioned Officer's Course
AO: area of operations
ASAS: All-Source Analysis System

ASAS-Light: All-Source Analysis System-Light
AT: antitank
ATCCS: Army Tactical Command and Control System
AWE: Advanced Warfighter Experiment

- B -

BCC: brigade coordination cell
BDA: battle damage assessment
BDE: brigade
BN: battalion

BNCOC: Basic Non-commissioned Officer's Course
BOS: Battlefield Operating System
BPV: battlefield planning and visualization
BSB: brigade support battalion

- C -

C2 : command and control
C3I: command, control, communications, and intelligence
C4ISR: command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
CALL: Center for Army Lessons Learned

CBRIDS: Chemical, Biological, and Radiological-Integrated Detection System
CCIR: commander's critical information requirements
CECOM: Army Communications-Electronics Command
CHATS: CI/HUMINT Automated Tool Set

CHIMS: CI/HUMINT Information Management System
CI: counterintelligence
CI&I Ops WS: Counterintelligence and Interrogation Operations Workstation
CIC: command information center

CI/HUMINT: counterintelligence/human intelligence
CISCO: Computer Information System Company
COA: course of action
COP: common operational picture

CP: command post
CTC: combat training center
CTIL: commander's tracked items list
CTTL: centralized training task list

CTP: common tactical picture
CSS: combat service support
CSSCS: Combat Service Support Control System

- D -

DBST: Digital Battlestaff Sustainment Trainer
DOCEX: document evacuation and exchange
DS: direct support
DTF: digital training facility
DTG: date-time group

- E -

EAC: echelons above corps
EEFI: essential elements of friendly information
EMPRS: Enroute Mission Planning and Rehearsal System
ELO: enabling learning objective
ES: electronic support

- F -

FBCB2: Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
FM: frequency modulated
FSE: fire support element
FSO: fire support officer
FTX:field training exercise

- G -

GCCS: Global Command and Control System
GCS: ground control station
GS: general support
GSR: ground surveillance radar

- H -

HUMINT: human intelligence

- I -

IAV: Interim Armored Vehicle
IBCT: Interim Brigade Combat Team
IDIV: Interim Division
IDM-T: Information Dissemination Management -Tactical

IIR: initial impressions report
IMINT: imagery intelligence
INC: interface network controller
IOBC: Infantry Officer's Basic Course

IOC: initial operating capability
ISR: intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
ITRT: Individual Tactical Reporting Tool

- J -

JANUS: Joint Army/Navy Uniform Simulation
JCF: Joint Contingency Force
JRTC: Joint Readiness Training Center
JSTARS: Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar
JTF: Joint Task Force

- L -

LAN: local area network
LAV:Light Armored Vehicle
LOC: line of communication
LRS: launch and recovery station

- M -

MASINT: measurement and signature intelligence
MCS: Maneuver Control System
MCS-Light: Maneuver Control System-Light
MDMP: military decision-making process

MDR: multidimensional reconnaissance
MEADS: Medium Extended Air Defense System
METL: mission-essential task list
MOOTW: military operations other than war

MOUT: military operations in urbanized terrain
MSE: mobile subscriber equipment
MSL: mean sea level
MSR: main supply route

MSTF: mission support training facility
MTOE: modified table of organization and equipment
MTW: Major Theater War

- N -

NAI: named area of interest
NBC: nuclear, biological, chemical
NCA: National Command Authority
NET: new equipment training
NT: new technology
NTDR: Near-Term Digital Radio

- O -

O&O: organizational and operational concept
OMT: operational management team
OPFOR: opposing forces

- P -

POI: program of instruction

- R -

R4R: ready for reproduction
recce: reconnaissance
REMBASS: Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
RSTA: reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

RTO: radio/telephone operator
RVT: remote video terminal
RWS: remote workstation

- S -

SA: situational awareness
SAEDA: Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the U.S. Army
SALUTE: size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment
SAMRC: Saudi Arabian Mechanized Rifle Company
SIGINT: signal intelligence

SIMEX: simulation exercise
SINCGARS: Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SITREP: situation report
SLC: Senior Leader's Course
SME: subject matter expert

SOP: standing operating procedure
SSC: smaller-scale contingency
STAMIS: Standard Army Management Information System
STCCS: Strategic Theater Command and Control System
SU: situational understanding

- T -

TAC: tactical command post
TAC HUMINT: tactical human intelligence
TACLAN: tactical local area network
TACREP: tactical report

TEP: tent entry panel
TIM: Tactical Internet Monitor
TLC: Tactical Leader's Course
TLO: terminal learning objective

TOC: tactical operations center
TOW: tube launched, optically tracked, wire-guided
TSM: TRADOC System Manager
TTP: tactics, techniques, and procedures
TUAV: Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

- U -

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCOFT: unit conduct of fire trainer
UNIX: Uniplexed Information and Computer System

- W -

WLAN: wireless local area network
WMD: weapons of mass destruction

Appendix A:  Army Battle Command Systems Descriptions
Table of Contents

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