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This newsletter addresses new non-lethal weapons that have been developed based on the latest technologies available today and how to apply them at the unit level.

Studies dealing with non-lethal weapons and technologies can be grouped into two major categories. The first category includes those studies that are primarily conceptual in nature, such as policies and regulations, and theoretical arguments for and against the integration of non-lethal weapons into U.S. national security strategy. Studies in the second category focus on the scientific and technical aspects of non-lethal technologies.

This newsletter attempts to bridge that gap. It documents the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) developed by combat forces executing recent peace operations missions. New non-lethal weapons and updated TTP are needed by Army forces to give commanders broader options in applying graduated responses during civil disturbance missions. Non-lethal weapons, TTP, and training provide commanders those options.

This newsletter is designed for your use and dissemination. If your unit has identified other relevant lessons or information, please share them with the rest of the U.S. Army by contacting CALL at DSN 552-2255 or 3035, FAX DSN 552-9564, or commercial (913) 684-9564. Our e-mail address is: and our WWW home page is . Be sure to include your phone number and complete address.

Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned

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