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United States Naval Aviation 19102010

Vol. I Table of Contents

Front Matter: Information on Photographs

Chapter 1: A Few Pioneers 1898–1916
Chapter 2: Test of Strength 1917–1919
Chapter 3: The Roaring Twenties 1920–1929
Chapter 4: The Great Depression 1930–1939
Chapter 5: World War II 1940–1945
Chapter 6: The Cold War 1946–1949
Chapter 7: The Korean War 1950–1953
Chapter 8: The New Navy 1954–1959
Chapter 9: On the Brink 1960–1969
Chapter 10: Defeat and Decline 1970–1979
Chapter 11: The 600-Ship Navy 1980–1989
Chapter 12: From the Sea 1990–1999
Chapter 13: The Dawn of the Twenty-first Century 2000–2010

Aircraft by Designation
Aircraft by Name
Missiles and Rockets
U.S. Military Units

Vol. II Table of Contents

Front Matter        Preface

Part I:                 Aircraft
Chapter 1            Aircraft Designations and Popular Names
Chapter 2            Combat Aircraft Procured
Chapter 3            Transport and Training Aircraft Procured
Chapter 4            Helicopters and Tiltrotor V/STOL Aircraft Procured
Chapter 5            Drones and Missiles Procured
Chapter 6            Aircraft on Hand
Chapter 7            Naval Aircraft Bureau (Serial) Numbers

Part II:                 Personnel
Chapter 8            History of the Naval Aviator and Designations and Numbers
Chapter 9            Evolution of Naval Wings (Breast Insignia)
Chapter 10          Aviation Ratings
Chapter 11          Aviation Personnel on Active Duty
Chapter 12          Medal of Honor Awards in Naval Aviation
Chapter 13          U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aces
Chapter 14          Early Naval Jet Pilots
Chapter 15          Early Helicopter Pilots
Chapter 16          Naval Astronauts
Chapter 17          Naval Aviation Hall of Honor
Chapter 18          Gray Eagle Award
Chapter 19          Honorary Naval Aviator Designations
Chapter 20          Navy and Marine Corps Air Stations and Fields Named for Aviators

Part III:                 Units
Chapter 21          Aviation Commands
Chapter 22          Evolution of Carrier Air Groups and Wings
Chapter 23          Squadron Designations and Abbreviations
Chapter 24          Current Squadron Lineage
Chapter 25          Visual Identification System (Tail Codes)

Part IV:                 Ships
Chapter 26          Aviation Ships
Chapter 27          Ships Named for Naval Aviators

Part V:                 Deployments
Chapter 28          Post–World War II Carrier Deployments by Year
Chapter 29          Post-Korean War Amphibious Assault Ship Deployments by Year
Chapter 30          Carrier and Squadron Deployments During the Korean War
Chapter 31          Carrier and Squadron Deployments to Vietnam

Part VI:                 Operations
Chapter 32          Grenada Combat Operations
Chapter 33          Squadrons Involved in Libyan Operations
Chapter 34          Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm
Chapter 35          Operation Desert Fox
Chapter 36          Operation Enduring Freedom Phase I
Chapter 37          Operation Iraqi Freedom Phase I

Part VII:                Other Actions
Chapter 38          Navy and Marine Corps Shoot Downs Since 1950
Chapter 39          Cold War Incidents Involving U.S. Navy Aircraft

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