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Defence Committee
Written evidence from Mrs Daphne Phillips

Trident is going to face public opposition, whether or not it remains in Scotland. The prospect of having to make a rational decision about Trident replacement must not be deferred.

The Government’s desire to blindly cling to Britain’s nuclear weapons system can longer be justified:

(a)Strategically, Trident is not a defensive weapon, and flouts the spirit of the Non Proliferation Treaty.

(b)Logistically, Trident has no role in combating terrorist activity, or any other threats to British security.

(c)Economically, it will cost billions, at a time when all public services are being savagely cut, and the fabric of our civil life is threatened.

The Cold War philosophy of mutually assured destruction is totally unacceptable. Trident should be scrapped.

July 2012

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