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Defence Committee
Written evidence from Jane Hill

I understand the Defence Committee is about to hold an enquiry into the implications of possible independence.

In light of this, I should like to make the following points:

Scottish opposition to Trident remaining at Faslane will cause near insuperable difficulties.

It would be virtually impossible to move the nuclear submarines to an alternative base, given the economic and political realities of today (although it might theoretically be possible for a government which had deep pockets and with nuclear weapons at the top of their agenda).

There would be massive public opposition to any alternative site. Even were one to be identified a move would cost billions.

One cannot justify such expenditure on top of the vast existing cost of a weapon that does nothing to face real threats to our security and which promotes nuclear proliferation—especially when urgent measures for the health and wellbeing of citizens are being widely cut.

The consequences of Scottish independence are thus an additional reason to make plans to phase out Trident instead of replacing it.

July 2012

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