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The Defence Implications of Possible Scottish Independence - Defence Committee Contents

7  Conclusion

184. The people of Scotland and the rest of the UK deserve to be presented with as full a picture as possible of the implications of Scottish independence for their future defence and security. To date, the information published by both the Scottish Government and UK Government falls far short of requirements.

185. In its forthcoming White Paper, in addition to the specific questions asked earlier in this report, we believe the Scottish Government should provide direct answers to the following questions:

  • How would a sovereign Scottish Government ensure the defence and security of an independent Scotland?
  • For what purposes would Scottish armed forces be used?
  • How would Scottish armed forces be structured and trained, and where would they be based?
  • How much would it cost to equip, support and train an independent Scotland's armed forces and how much of this could be procured and delivered domestically? and
  • How many jobs in the defence sector would be placed at risk?

186. Similarly, the UK Government must set out more clearly the implications for the security of the remainder of the United Kingdom should the people of Scotland choose the path of separation. This should include greater detail about the options for relocation of the strategic nuclear deterrent and an estimate of the associated costs. The UK Government should also outline its options for making good any defence deficit, caused by loss of personnel, equipment and bases, which might be created by Scottish independence.

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