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ON POINT II: Transition to the New Campaign

The United States Army in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM May 2003-January 2005

Appendix F
US Army Units in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM

Order of Battle: May 2003–January 2005

The following order of battle depicts the US Army units at battalion level and above that participated in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) between May 2003 and January 2005. This 18-month period included two major troop rotations—OIF I and OIF II; accordingly, this order of battle is divided into two sections. Not all unit deployments fit neatly into these two rotation periods. Task Force Olympia, for example, deployed to Iraq in late 2003; however, that unit is placed in the OIF II portion of this order of battle. Units that arrived in Iraq between November 2004 and January 2005 as part of the troop reinforcement for the national elections are not included in this order of battle.

Task organization of Army formations in OIF during this period was dynamic, particularly at division echelon and below. This order of battle captures habitual command relationships, but recognizes headquarters often shifted battalions and brigade combat teams to meet immediate operational requirements. At times, company-level units from two or more divisions were joined together to form ad hoc task forces—those temporary organizations are not included.


(Combined Joint Task Force–7, built around V Corps Headquarters, replaced CFLCC as Coalition military headquarters in Iraq on 15 June 2003)

V Corps
V Corps Artillery

    41st Field Artillery Brigade
      2-18th Field Artillery
      1-27th Field Artillery
    17th Field Artillery Brigade
      1-12th Field Artillery
      5-3d Field Artillery
      3-18th Field Artillery
      6-27th Field Artillery
31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade (-) (OPCON)
    5-52d Air Defense Artillery (-)
    6-52d Air Defense Artillery (-)
12th Aviation Brigade
    2-228th Aviation Battalion (-)
    3-158th Aviation Battalion
    5-158th Aviation Battalion
11th Attack Helicopter Regiment
    6-6th Attack Helicopter Squadron
130th Engineer Brigade
    168th Engineer Group
    265th Engineer Group
    937th Engineer Group
    724th Engineer Battalion
      1092d Engineer Battalion
      54th Engineer Battalion
      565th Engineer Battalion (Provisional)
    864th Engineer Battalion
      142d Engineer Battalion (-)
      94th Engineer Battalion
      878th Engineer Battalion
205th Military Intelligence Brigade (-)
    1st Military Intelligence Battalion
    302d Military Intelligence Battalion
    165th Military Intelligence Battalion) (-)
    223d Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist)
    224th Military Intelligence Battalion
    323d Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    325th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    519th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
220th Military Police Brigade (-) (OPCON) (Feb 03–Feb 04)
    118th Military Police Battalion
    504th Military Police Battalion
    607th Military Police Battalion
    1-293d Infantry (-)
800th Military Police Brigade (Internment and Resettlement) (OPCON)
    115th Military Police Battalion
    320th Military Police Battalion
    324th Military Police Battalion
    400th Military Police Battalion
    530th Military Police Battalion
    724th Military Police Battalion
    744th Military Police Battalion
22d Signal Brigade (OPCON)
    17th Signal Battalion (-)
    32d Signal Battalion (-)
    440th Signal Battalion
    51st Signal Battalion (-)
    234th Signal Battalion
3d Ordnance Battalion (OPCON)
79th Ordnance Battalion (OPCON)
352d Civil Affairs Command
    308th Civil Affairs Brigade
335th Theater Signal Command (TACON)
    86th Signal Battalion
    63d Signal Battalion
    504th Signal Battalion
    151st Signal Battalion
    40th Signal Battalion
    9th Psychological Operations Battalion
2d Chemical Battalion
18th Service Support Group
    90th Personnel Services Battalion
      24th Personnel Services Battalion
      546th Personnel Services Battalion
      208th Finance Battalion
3d Infantry Division (Mar 03–Sep 03)
    1st Brigade, 3d Infantry Division
      2-7th Infantry
      3-7th Infantry
      3-69th Armor
      1-41st Field Artillery
      11th Engineer Battalion
      3d Forward Support Battalion
    2d Brigade, 3d Infantry Division
      3-15th Infantry
      1-64th Armor
      4-64th Armor
      1-9th Field Artillery (-)
      10th Engineer Battalion (-)
      26th Forward Support Battalion
      211th Military Police Battalion
    3d Brigade, 3d Infantry Division
      TF 1-15th Infantry
      TF 1-30th Infantry
      TF 2-69th Armor
      1-10th Field Artillery
      121st Engineer Battalion
      317th Engineer Battalion
      203d Forward Support Battalion
    4th Brigade, 3d Infantry Division (-)
      1-3d Aviation (AH-64D) (-)
      603d Aviation Support Battalion
      3-7th Cavalry
      2-3d Aviation
    3d Division Artillery (DIVARTY)
      1-39th Field Artillery
      1-41st Field Artillery
      1-3d Air Defense Artillery
    3d Division Support Command (DISCOM) (-)
      703d Main Support Battalion
    103d Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    123d Signal Battalion (-)
4th Infantry Division (Apr 03–Mar 04)
    1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
      1-22d Infantry
      3-66th Armor
      4-42d Field Artillery
      720th Military Police Battalion
      299th Engineer Battalion (-)
      4th Forward Support Battalion
    2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
      2-8th Infantry
      1-67th Armor
      3-67th Armor
      3-16th Field Artillery
      588th Engineer Battalion
      204th Forward Support Battalion
    3d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
      1-12th Infantry
      1-8th Infantry
      1-66th Armor
      1-68th Armor
      3-29th Field Artillery
      4th Engineer Battalion (-)
      64th Forward Support Battalion
    4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
      1-4th Aviation (-)
      2-4th Aviation (-)
      1-10th Cavalry (-)
      1-17th Field Artillery
      404th Aviation Support Battalion
    4th Infantry Division Artillery
      2-20th Field Artillery (-)
      5th Engineer Battalion
    4th Division Support Command (DISCOM)
      704th Main Support Battalion (-)
    1-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
    104th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    124th Signal Battalion (-)
    230th Finance Battalion (-)
    502d Personnel Services Battalion
    173d Airborne Brigade (Attached)
      1-508th Infantry
      2-503d Infantry
      1-12th Infantry
      1-63d Armor (-)
      2-15th Field Artillery (-)
      404th Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
      201st Forward Support Battalion
    555th Engineer Group (Combat)
      14th Engineer Battalion (-)
      223d Engineer Battalion (-)
      244th Engineer Battalion
    402d Civil Affairs Battalion
    418th Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
1st Armored Division (May 03–Apr 04)
    1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division
      1-36th Infantry
      3-124th Infantry (-)
      1-37th Armor
      2-3d Field Artillery
      16th Engineer Battalion (-)
      501st Forward Support Battalion
    2d Brigade, 1st Armored Division
      1-6th Infantry
      2-6th Infantry
      1-35th Armor
      3d Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment
      4-27th Field Artillery
      40th Engineer Battalion
      47th Forward Support Battalion
    3d Brigade, 1st Armored Division
      1-325th Infantry
      1-13th Armor
      2-70th Armor
      4-1st Field Artillery
      70th Engineer Battalion
      125th Forward Support Battalion
    4th Brigade, 1st Armored Division
      1-501st Aviation
      2-501st Aviation
      127th Area Support Battalion
    2d Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) (-)
      1st Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment
      2d Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment
      2-37th Armor
      4th Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment
      3-321st Field Artillery
      Support Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment (-)
    2d Brigade, 82d Airborne Division
      2-325th Infantry
      3-325th Infantry
      1-1st Cavalry (-)
      2-319th Field Artillery (-)
      439th Engineer Battalion
      407th Forward Support Battalion (-)
    1st Armored Division Artillery
      1-94th Field Artillery
      1-4th Air Defense Artillery
    Division Support Command (DISCOM)
      123d Main Support Battalion
    1st Armored Division Engineer Brigade
      1457th Engineer Battalion (-)
      493d Engineer Group
      389th Engineer Battalion
      203d Engineer Battalion
    141st Signal Battalion
    8th Finance Battalion (-)
    55th Personnel Services Battalion (-)
    501st Military Intelligence Battalion
    18th Military Police Brigade
      519th Military Police Battalion
      709th Military Police Battalion
      168th Military Police Battalion
      716th Military Police Battalion
    354th Civil Affairs Brigade
      422d Civil Affairs Battalion
      490th Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
      414th Civil Affairs Battalion
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) (May 03–Feb 04)
    1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division
      1-327th Infantry
      2-327th Infantry
      2-320th Field Artillery
      3-101st Aviation
      5-101st Aviation
      426th Forward Support Battalion
    2d Brigade, 101st Airborne Division
      1-502d Infantry (-)
      2-502d Infantry
      3-502d Infantry
      3-327th Infantry
      2-17th Cavalry (-)
      9-101st Aviation
      1-320th Field Artillery
      877th Engineer Battalion
      526th Forward Support Battalion
      503d Military Police Battalion
    3d Brigade, 101st Airborne Division
      1-187th Infantry (-)
      2-187th Infantry (-)
      3-187th Infantry
      2-101st Aviation
      3-320th Field Artillery
      626th Forward Support Battalion
    101st Aviation Brigade
      1-101st Aviation
      6-101st Aviation
    159th Aviation Brigade
      7-101st Aviation (-)
      4-101st Aviation (-)
    Division Artillery (DIVARTY)
      1-377th Field Artillery
      2-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
    Division Support Command (DISCOM)
      801st Main Support Battalion (-)
      8-101st Aviation (-)
    326th Engineer Battalion (-)
    311th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    501st Signal Battalion (-)
    101st Finance Battalion (-)
    101st Soldier Support Battalion
    926th Engineer Group
      52d Engineer Battalion
      37th Engineer Battalion
    52d Engineer Battalion
    431st Civil Affairs Battalion
    404th Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
3d Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) (Attached to 82d Airborne Division in Sep 03)
    1st Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
    2d Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
    3d Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
    4th Squadron, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment
    Support Squadron
    16th Signal Battalion
82d Airborne Division (Sep 03–Mar 04)
    3d Brigade, 82d Airborne Division
      1-505th Infantry
      3-505th Infantry
      1-504th Infantry
      1-32d Infantry, 10th Mountain Division
      1-319th Field Artillery
      82d Forward Support Battalion
    1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
      1-16th Infantry
      1-34th Armor
      1-124th Infantry
      1-5 Field Artillery Battalion
      1st Engineer Battalion
      101st Forward Support Battalion
    82d Aviation Brigade
      1-17th Cavalry
      1-82d Aviation Battalion
      2-82d Aviation Battalion
      82d Aviation Support Battalion
    Division Support Command (DISCOM)
      782d Main Support Battalion (-)
      3-4th Air Defense Artillery
    2-5th Field Artillery
    313th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    307th Engineer Battalion (-)
    82d Signal Battalion (-)
    82d Soldier Support Battalion
    304th Civil Affairs Brigade
      432d Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
3d Corps Support Command (COSCOM) (May 03–Feb 04)
    16th Corps Support Group
      142d Corps Support Battalion
      485th Corps Support Battalion
      541st Ordnance Battalion
    7th Corps Support Group
      71st Corps Support Battalion
      90th Personnel Support Battalion
      413th Supply & Services Battalion
      181st Transportation Battalion
      418th Quartermaster Support Battalion
      692d Quartermaster
      Water Support Battalion
      7-159th Aviation Maintenance Battalion
    371st Corps Support Group
      321st Ordnance Battalion
      345th Corps Support Battalion
      548th Corps Support Battalion
      692d Corps Support Battalion
    64th Corps Support Group
      544th Corps Support Battalion
      553d Corps Support Battalion
      180th Transportation Battalion
    101st Corps Support Group
      561st Corps Support Battalion
      548th Corps Support Battalion
    171st Area Support Group
      189th Corps Support Battalion
      260th Quartermaster Battalion
      346th Transportation Battalion
      362d Quartermaster Battalion
      394th Quartermaster Battalion
      399th Movement Control Battalion
    371st Corps Support Group
      18th Corps Support Battalion
      292d Corps Support Battalion
      345th Corps Support Battalion
      546th Personnel Support Battalion
    19th Area Support Group (Provisional)
      27th Movement Control Battalion
    30th Medical Brigade
      93d Medical Battalion (-)
      172d Medical Battalion
    1st Medical Brigade
      21st Combat Support Hospital
      28th Combat Support Hospital
      31st Combat Support Hospital
      56th Medical Battalion
    62d Medical Brigade
      109th Area Support Medical Battalion
    18th Service Support Group
    V Corps Troops
      Main Command Post
      V Corps Special Troops Battalion
        1138th Engineer Battalion
      Rear Detachment–Kuwait
        371st Corps Support Group
          345th Corps Support Battalion
          292d Corps Support Battalion
          18th Corps Support Battalion
          546th Personnel Support Battalion
Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force–Arabian Peninsula (in support of CJTF-7)
5th Special Forces Group
10th Special Forces Group
2d Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (-)
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (-)
Other unidentified Special Operations Forces (SOF) units



III Corps (Feb 04–Apr 05)
(III Corps staff replaced V Corps as core of CJTF-7 in February 2004. Multi-National Force–Iraq/Multi-National Corps–Iraq replaced CJTF-7 on 15 May 2004.)
III Corps Artillery

    197th Field Artillery Brigade
      2-147th Field Artillery Battalion
      1-201st Field Artillery Battalion
      4-178th Field Artillery Battalion
      2-130th Field Artillery Battalion
185th Aviation Brigade
    1-106th Aviation
    1-244th Aviation
420th Engineer Brigade
    84th Engineer Battalion
    980th Engineer Battalion
504th Military Intelligence Brigade
    303d Military Intelligence Battalion
    202d Military Intelligence Battalion
89th Military Police Brigade
    759th Military Police Battalion
16th Military Police Brigade
    95th Military Police Battalion
    391st Military Police Battalion
    160th Military Police Battalion
    1103d Military Police Battalion
3d Signal Brigade
    57th Signal Battalion
    29th Signal Battalion
    711th Signal Battalion
63d Ordnance Battalion
350th Civil Affairs Command
    478th Civil Affairs Battalion
    425th Civil Affairs Battalion
    489th Civil Affairs Battalion
1st Infantry Division (Apr 04–Feb 05)
    2d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
      1-26th Infantry
      1-77th Armor
      2-108th Infantry
      1-18th Infantry
      1-7th Field Artillery (-)
      9th Engineer Battalion (-)
      299th Forward Support Battalion
    3d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
      2-2d Infantry
      2-63d Armor
      1-6th Field Artillery
      82d Engineer Battalion
      201st Forward Support Battalion
    2d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division
      1-21st Infantry
      1-14th Infantry
      1-27th Infantry
      2-11th Field Artillery
      225th Forward Support Battalion
    30th Infantry Brigade (North Carolina Army National Guard)
      1-150th Armor (-)
      1-252d Armor
      1-120th Infantry
      1-1 13th Field Artillery (-)
      105th Engineer Battalion
      230th Forward Support Battalion
    4th Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division
      1-1st Attack Helicopter Battalion
      2-1st Aviation Battalion
      8-229th Aviation
      601st Aviation Support Battalion
    1st Division Artillery (DIVARTY)
      1-33d Field Artillery
    1st Engineer Brigade
      264th Engineer Support Group
      216th Engineer Battalion
      141st Engineer Battalion
    Division Support Command (DISCOM)
      701st Main Support Battalion
1-4th Cavalry Squadron
4-3d Air Defense Artillery
101st Military Intelligence Battalion
121st Signal Battalion
38th Personnel Services Battalion (-)
106th Finance Battalion (-)
415th Civil Affairs Battalion
1st Cavalry Division (Apr 04–Feb 05)
    1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
      2-5th Cavalry
      2-8th Cavalry
      1-12th Cavalry
      1-82d Field Artillery
      20th Engineer Battalion
      115th Forward Support Battalion
    2d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
      1-5th Cavalry
      2-12th Cavalry
      3-82d Field Artillery
      91st Engineer Battalion
      15th Forward Support Battalion
    3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
      1-9th Cavalry
      3-8th Cavalry
      1-153d Infantry
      1-161st Infantry
      3-325th Infantry
      1-206th Field Artillery
      8th Engineer Battalion (-)
      2-82d Field Artillery
      215th Forward Support Battalion
      112th Military Police Battalion
    5th Brigade (Provisional) [DIVARTY]
      1-8th Cavalry
      1-7th Cavalry (-)
      1-21st Field Artillery
      2-24th Marines
      515th Forward Support Battalion (Provisional)
    2d Brigade, 10th Mountain Division
      2-14th Infantry
      4-31st Infantry
      1-69th Infantry
      1-41st Infantry
      2-15th Field Artillery
      4-5th Air Defense Artillery
      210th Forward Support Battalion
    256th Brigade Combat Team (Louisiana Army National Guard)
      1-156th Armor
      2-156th Infantry
      3-156th Infantry
      1088th Engineer Battalion
      199th Forward Support Battalion
    39th Infantry Brigade (Arkansas Army National Guard)
      3-153d Infantry
      2-162d Infantry
      2-7th Cavalry
      39th Forward Support Battalion
    4th Aviation Brigade
      1-227th Attack Helicopter Battalion
      2-227th Attack Helicopter Battalion
      615th Forward Support Battalion
      1-25th Attack Battalion
    103d Field Artillery Brigade (Rhode Island Army National Guard)
      1-303d Armor (-)
      1-141st Field Artillery
    Division Support Command (DISCOM)
      27th Main Support Battalion
    Engineer Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
      353d Engineer Group
      411th Engineer Battalion
      612th Engineer Battalion
    312th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    13th Signal Battalion (-)
    443d Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
    15th Finance Battalion (-)
    15th Personnel Services Battalion (-)
TF OLYMPIA (Nov 03–Nov 04)
    HQ, TF Olympia
    3-17th Cavalry (OH-58D)
    503d Military Police Battalion
    310th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    115th Signal Battalion
    416th Civil
    Affairs Battalion (-)
    133d Engineer Battalion
    44th Support Battalion (-)
3d Brigade, 2d Infantry Division (Stryker)
    2-3d Infantry
    1-23d Infantry
    5-20th Infantry
    1-14th Cavalry
    1-37th Field Artillery
    296th Forward Support Battalion
    276th Engineer Battalion
Theater Security North
    81st Armored Brigade (Washington Army National Guard) (Apr 04–Apr 05)
      1-161st Infantry
      1-303d Armor
      1-185th Armor (California Army National Guard)
      898th Engineer Battalion
      181st Forward Support Battalion
Theater Security South
    197th Field Artillery Brigade (New Hampshire Army National Guard) (Feb 04–Feb 05)
      1-197th Field Artillery
      2-197th Field Artillery
      3-197th Field Artillery
US Army Units Attached to Marine Forces
    2d Brigade, 2d Infantry Division (Aug 04–Aug 05) (Attached to II MEF)
      1-503d Infantry
      1-506th Infantry
      1-9th Infantry
      2-17th Field
      44th Engineer Battalion
      2d Forward Support Battalion
13th Corps Support Command (Feb 04–Dec 04)
    593d Corps Support Group
      185th Corps Support Battalion
      298th Corps Support Battalion
      515th Corps Support Battalion
    172d Corps Support Group
      319th Corps Support Battalion
      7th Transportation Battalion
      1-142d Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Battalion
    167th Corps Support Group
      44th Corps Support Battalion
      232d Corps Support Battalion
      835th Corps Support Battalion
    300th Area Support Group
      357th Corps Support Battalion
      369th Corps Support Group
    Special Troops Battalion
    126th Finance Battalion
    50th Finance Battalion
    4th Corps Materiel Management Center
    138th Personnel Services Battalion
    292d Corps Support Battalion
2d Medical Brigade
    226th Medical Logistics Battalion
    31st Combat Support Hospital (-)
    67th Combat Support Hospital
    118th Area Support Medical Battalion
    429th Medical Battalion
163d Personnel Services Battalion
Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force–Arabian Peninsula (in support of CJTF-7/MNF-I)
5th Special Forces Group
10th Special Forces Group
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (-)
Other unidentified Special Operations Forces (SOF) units

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