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On Diversity

Authored by LTC Andre H. Sayles.

July 10, 1998

18 Pages

Brief Synopsis

Colonel Sayles logically and calmly asks questions about diversity and its effect on the future of organizations, individual soldiers, and leaders. He provides important arguments in support of the Army's Consideration of Others Program. His thought-provoking discussion of diversity in the military meets his goal of providing dialogue that will be "helpful in your efforts to achieve the understanding that we all seek" on this difficult subject--"On Diversity."


Organizations across America are continuing to address issues related to living and working in a culturally diverse environment. Currently, the Army is addressing diversity by implementing the Consideration of Others Program. This effort originated at the U.S. Military Academy during the early 1990s, and was subsequently adopted by the Military District of Washington. Since diversity is a theme for the U.S. Army War College Class of 1998, I offer this letter in support of the Consideration of Others Program and as a culmination to our continuous dialogue on diversity throughout the past 9 months. I hope to encourage you to return to the mainstream of service to our nation with a positive outlook on the value of diversity and an understanding of how we can build on that value to the benefit of both the individual and the organization.

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