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AY 97 Compendium Army After Next Project

Authored by Dr. Douglas V. Johnson II.

April 6, 1998

167 Pages

Brief Synopsis

These student papers are largely focused on present problems which must be solved before movement toward the future can make much progress. If they are not dramatically futuristic in approach, they are nevertheless set against a future backdrop which is still in the process of being defined. The broader Army After Next program, led by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, is an experiment, an examination of what could be. The Army War College seeks to play its part through this contribution and by educating those officers who will field, staff, and command our future Army.




1. The Future of Infantry: Maneuver in the 21st Century
Billy E. Wells, Jr.

2. The Revolutionized Warfighter Circa 2025
Barbara A. Jezior

3. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Promises and Potential
Arthur J. Sosa

4. Strategic Logistics for Intervention Forces
Yves J. Fontaine

5. Logistic Support to the Army After Next Warfighters: A Time for Fundamental Change
Gary J. Motsek

6. Managing the Intelligent Information Grid for the Army After Next
Paul T. Hengst

7. Data Interoperability for Systems of Systems: Our Acquisition Paradigm Must Change to Achieve It
William T. Lasher

About the Authors

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