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Appendix B

U.S. Army Order of Battle, Operation Uphold Democracy*

*Order of battle as of September 19, 1994.


HQ, XVIII Airborne Corps(-)(JTF 180)

10th Mountain Division (JTF 190)
    HHC, 10th Mountain Division(+)
    10th Military Police Company
    10th Mountain Division Band
    22d Military Public Affairs Detachment
    27th Military Public Affairs Detachment
    68th Engineer Detachment (Terrain)
    66th Engineer Detachment (Terrain)
    534th Engineer Detachment (Terrain)(-)
HQ, 1st Brigade Combat Team
    1-22 Infantry
    2-22 Infantry
    1-87 Infantry
    A/3-62 ADA (-)
    A/41st Engineer
    A/110th MI
    194th MP Company
    2/A/10th Signal Battalion
    SOCCE/3d SF Group
    PSYOP Team/1st Psyop Battalion
    CATPT/96th CA Battalion
    CADST (x3)/96th CA Battalion
    10th Forward Support Battalion (DS)
    Finance Support Team/33d Finance Battalion
    Mobile Public Affairs Team/22d/MPAD
HQ, 2d Brigade Combat Team
    2-14 Infantry
    B/3-15 Infantry (M)
    2-87 Infantry
    B/3-62 ADA (-)
    B/41st Engineer
    B/110th MI
    1/B/10 Signal Battalion
    SOCCE/3d SFG
    PSYOP Team/1st PSYOP Battalion
    CATPT/96th CA Battalion
    CADST (x4) 96th CA Battalion
    210th Forward Support Battalion
    Finance Support Team/33d Finance Battalion
    Mobile Public Affairs Team
TF Mountain
    HHB, 10th Mountain DIVARTY(+)
    2/13/10th Signal Battalion
    10th AG Company (-)
    SOCCE/3d SF Group
    PSYOP Team/1st PSYOP Battalion
    CATPT/360th CA Battalion
    CADST (X5)/358th CA Brigade
    Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)
    10th TAD (+) (Q36/37)
    2-22 Infantry
    2-14 Infantry
10th Aviation Brigade
    HHC, 10th Aviation Brigade (+)
    A/3-17th Cavalry
    2-25th Attack Helicopter Battalion
      Trp/4-2 Cavalry Squadron
    3-25 Assault Helicopter Battalion
      Co/2-82d Assault Helicopter Battalion(-)
    2-159th Medical Lift Helicopter Battalion(-)
    E/1-58th ATC
    E/25th AVUM Company (DS)
10th Infantry Division DISCOM(-)
    710th Maintenance Support Battalion(-)
    200th Quartermaster Detachment
TF Raleigh (Black) 2-3d Special Forces Group
    ODB-310 ODA-311 ODA-326 ODA-344 ODA-355 ODA-373 ODA-384

    ODB-320 ODA-312 ODA-332 ODA-345 ODA-356 ODA-375 ODA-386

    ODB-340 ODA-314 ODA-333 ODA-346 ODA-365 ODA-376

    ODB-350 ODA-316 ODA-334 ODA-352 ODA-366 ODA-381

    ODB-360 ODA-324 ODA-336 ODA-353 ODA-371 ODA-382

    ODB-370 ODA-325 ODA-343 ODA-354 ODA-372 ODA-383
3-73 Armor(-)

Logistics Support Command
    1st Corps Support Command(-)
      2d MMC
      330th MCC
        380th Movement Control Team
    46th Corps Support Group(-)
      264th Corps Support Battalion (-)
        364th Supply Company (DS) (-)
        406th Supply Company (GS) (-)
        259th Field Service Company (-)
        503d Maintenance Company (-)
        54th Quartermaster Company (-)
        546th Transportation Company (-)
        1-159th AVIM (-)
        202d Quartermaster Detachment (ROWPU)
        403d Transportation Company (-)
      548th Corps Support Battalion (-)
      590th Field Service Company (-)
      57th Transportation Company (-)
      8th Ordnance Company (Ammo) (-)
      48th Ordnance Detachment (EOD)
      110th Supply Company
      514th Maintenance Company
      512th Quartermaster Company
      18th Quartermaster Detachment
      416th Transportation Company
    33d Forward Support Battalion(-)
7th Transportation Group
    10th Terminal Service Battalion
      169th Transportation Detachment (Port Ops)
      97th Transportation Company (Hvy Boat)
      73d Transportation Company (Fltg Craft)
      329th Transportation Company (Hvy Boat)
      82d QM Detachment (ROWPU)
      149th Transportation Detachment (Hvy Crane)
      335th Transportation Detachment (LSV1)
      1099th Transportation Detachment (LSV1)
      358th Transportation Detachment (ACD)
      497th Engineer Company (Port Const) (-)
      558th Transportation Company (Marine Maint)
      511th Engineer Detachment (Diving)
      155th Transportation Company (Terminal Svc)
      110th Quartermaster Company (Petrol) (Terminal)
16th Military Police Brigade(-)
    62d MP Detachment (CID)
    122d Prisoner of War Interrogation Company
    10th Military Police Detachment (CID)
    Team, 360th CA Battalion
    503d Military Police Battalion
      21st Military Police Company
      108th Military Police Company
      118th Military Police Company
    519th Military Police Battalion
      555th Military Police Company
      988th Military Police Company
      101st Military Police Company
      204th Military Police Company
18th Aviation Brigade (-)
    4/2 Cavalry Squadron
    7-501st Aviation
    1/159th Aviation
    1-58th Air Traffic Control Battalion (-)
525th Military Intelligence Brigade
    110th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
    224th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation)
    319th Military Intelligence Battalion (Operations)
    519th Military Intelligence Battalion (Tactical Exploitation)
20th Engineer Brigade (-)
    92d Engineer Battalion (Cbt Hvv)
    27th Engineer Battalion (-)
    37th Engineer Battalion (-)
    264th Engineer Company (MGB)
    362d Engineer Company (CSE)
    586th Engineer Company (Assault Floating Bridge)
    95th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting)
      89th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting)
      520th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting)
      597th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting)
    C Team/535th Prime Power (USAF)
    820th Red Horse (USAF)
30th Engineer Battalion (-)
    52d Engineer Battalion (-)
    41st Engineer Battalion
    497th Engineer Company
11th Signal Brigade
    10th Signal Battalion (MSE) (-)
      Co/50th Signal Battalion (MSE)
    63d Signal Battalion (TRI-TAC) (-)
      209th Signal Company (TACSAT)
      69th Signal Company (TACSAT)
      19th Signal Maintenance Company(-)
44th Medical Brigade (-)
    55th Medical Group
    28th Corps Support Hospital
    261st Area Support Medical Battalion (-)
      274th Medical Detachment (Surg) (-)
      155th Medical Detachment (Sanitation) (-)
      172d Medical Detachment (Sanitation)
      248th Medical Detachment (Vet) (-)
      225th Medical Detachmentt (Entomological) (-)
      714th Medical Detachment (Entomological) (-)
      257th Medical Detachment (Dental)
    32d Medical Logistics Battalion (-)
    56th Medical Battalion (Evac) (-)
    57th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)
Joint Special Operations Task Force
    Joint Communications Unit
    Joint Medical Augmentation Unit
    24th STSQ
    TF Green (1 SFOD)
    TF Blue (Naval Special Warfare Forces)
    TF Brown (160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment)
    TF Red (75th Ranger)
    TF Grey (16th Special Operation Wing) (USAF)
    PSYOP Team/1st PSYOP Battalion
    CATPT/96th CA Battalion
Joint Psychological Operations Task Force
    4th PSYOP Group(-)
      1st PSYOP Battalion (A) (-)
      Det, (PRINT/PDB) (A)
      CPSE, 9th PSYOP Battalion (-)
      TPT, 9th PSYOP Battalion (A)
      Team, Joint Combat Camera Team
      BPSE/9 POB/4 POG (A)
18th Finance Group
    33d Finance Battalion (-)
18th Personnel Service Battalion (-)
    107th Finance Company (-)
    129th AG Detachment (Postal)
United States Army Reserve Units
    358th Civil Affairs Brigade (-)
    360th Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
    450th Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
    416th Engineer Command (-)
    USACOM Augmentation Detachment 1
    USACOM Augmentation Detachment 2
    Detachment 1, 351st AG (Postal)
Army National Guard Units
    C/5-19th SFG
    A/1-20th SFG
    Cell/Maryland Army National Guard MACE
    Cell/Missouri Army National Guard AVCRAD

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