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Title: Critical Analysis on the Defeat of Task Force Ranger

Subject: A Clausewitzian Critical Analysis on the military defeat of Task Force Ranger in Magadishu, Somalia during Operation RESTORE HOPE

Author(s): Clifford E. Day; Ralph P. Millsap Jr (Faculty Advisor)


Abstract: The United States involvement in Somalia encompassed a myriad of missions that were structured in three distinct stages: Operation PROVIDE RELIEF, Operation RESTORE HOPE, and United Nations Operations Somalia, second stage (UNOSOM II). On 3 October 1993, the peace enforcement and nation building mission of UNOSOM II suddenly turned violent when a US Task Force, code named Task Force Ranger came under heavy fire from Somali gunmen. This attack ultimately led to one of the worst military defeats of a US military force since the Vietnam war.

This research paper will critically analyze this significant military defeat by uncovering the facts leading up to and during the mission. Once the facts have been uncovered, this paper will link the effects back to the causes of this disaster. Finally, this paper will propose alternative courses of action that may have improved the chance of mission success or prevented this disaster. In addition, these alternative courses of action should be used as learning tools for future operations other than war.

Last updated 1998 Mar 10

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