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You are the platoon leader of the security element of a company cordon-and-search operation.


1. You surround the suspected house and encounter angry neighbors who deny you access to their yards or courtyards.

2. You are closing the inner cordon and see children in the target house. You also see two males climbing the back wall of the target courtyard.

3. The search element is not responding from within the house, but no shots were fired. You are told to enter the target area.

4. The crowd starts joining your inner cordon and tries to enter target area. "They want to help."

5. Two males run out of the front door with AK-47s.



1. Respectfully enter the area with purpose. If available, have the linguist explain the situation and the actions you are taking. Ask for his cooperation. If the linguist in not available, leaflets with a written explanation will help. The security team must move quickly. Normally the linguist is attached to the search team. You may be required to use nonlethal force to gain access to the target area. At the end of the mission, have the linguist thank the neighbors for their help and support. Within reason, ensure that the neighbors' properties are returned to their original state.

2. Close the inner cordon to prevent further individuals from escaping the target area. Pursue the individuals if possible and/or radio a description of the individuals to the outer cordon team. Use the linguist to talk the children out of the target area; attempt to get the neighbors or family members to help. NOTE: The neighbors are normally family members.

3. Seek cover and send in a two-/three-man team and attempt to establish verbal contact with the search team. Do not enter the building until contact is made. If there continues to be no response, you may have a hostage situation. Employ the linguist to establish contact with any Haitians in the target area.

4. Have the linguist inform them that we appreciate their desire to help, but they are hindering our ability to do our job. The cordon team needs to use adequate force to keep the area sterile. Smiling and nodding may help defuse the situation.

5. Prepare to use deadly force. Error on the side of restraint. Yell simple creole words at the individuals (stop) "Rete!" Your overwhelming presence and the linguist will normally stop an aggressive act. NOTE: When this happened in Haiti, the two Haitian males with the weapons had just broke into the house and were bringing the weapons out to the U. S. unit. They were so jubilant to be helping the Americans that they threw the weapons down and ran back into the house to get more.

ROE Limitations and Restrictions:

ROE 2: Treat all persons with dignity and respect.

ROE 4: Members of the military, police or other armed persons may be stopped, detained, and, if necessary, disarmed if they appear to threaten essential civic order.

ROE 10: Possession of a weapon in public by any individuals does not, by itself, constitute a hostile intent.

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