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Section: Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission 1995 Report to the President

Map List

Date Composed: 07/18/1995 Date Modified:

1995 Base Closures and Realignments

Number Name

1 Army Bio-Medical Research Lab, Fort Detrick, MD
2 Aviation-Troop Command (ATCOM), MO
3 Bellmore Logistics Activity, NY
4 Bergstrom AFB, TX
5 Big Coppett Key, FL
6 Branch U.S. Disciplinary Barracks, Lompoc, CA
7 Camp Bonneville, WA
8 Camp Kilmer, NJ
9 Camp Pedricktown, NJ
10 Chicago OHare IAP ARS, IL
11 Concepts Analysis Agency, Bethesda, MD
12 DCMC International, Dayton, OH
13 DCMD South, Marietta, GA
14 DCMD West, El Segundo, CA
15 Defense Distribution Depot Columbus, OH
16 Defense Distribution Depot Letterkenny, PA
17 Defense Distribution Depot McClellan, CA
18 Defense Distribution Depot Memphis, TN
19 Defense Distribution Depot Ogden, UT
20 Defense Distribution Depot San Antonio, TX
21 Defense Industrial Supply Center, Philadelphia, PA
22 Detroit Arsenal, MI
23 East Fort Baker, CA
24 Eglin AFB, FL
25 Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, CO
26 Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Guam
27 Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Charleston, SC
28 Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Oakland, CA
29 Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico
30 Fort Chaffee, AR
31 Fort Dix, NJ
32 Fort Greely, AK
33 Fort Holabird, MD
34 Fort Hunter Liggett, CA
35 Fort Indiantown Gap, PA
36 Fort Lee, VA
37 Fort McClellan, AL
38 Fort Meade, MD
39 Fort Missoula, MT
40 Fort Pickett, VA
41 Fort Ritchie, MD
42 Fort Totten, NY
43 Grand Forks AFB, ND
44 Griffiss AFB, 10th Infantry Airfield Support, NY
45 Griffiss AFB, 485th Engineering Installation Group, NY
46 Hill AFB, UT
47 Hingham Cohasset, MA
48 Homestead ARB, 301st Rescue Squadron, FL
49 Homestead ARB, 726th Air Control Squadron, FL
50 Information Systems Software Center, VA
51 Investigations Control & Automation Directorate, MD
52 Kelly AFB, TX
53 Kelly Support Center, PA
54 Letterkenny Army Depot, PA
55 Long Beach Naval Shipyard, CA
56 Lowry AFB, CO
57 MacDill AFB, FL
58 Malmstrom AFB, MT
59 MCAS El Toro, CA
60 MCAS Tustin, CA
61 McClellan AFB, CA
62 Military Ocean Terminal, Bayonne, NJ
63 NAS Agana, Guam
64 NAS Alameda, CA
65 NAS Barbers Point, HI
66 NAS Cecil Field, FL
67 NAS Corpus Christi, TX
68 NAS Key West, FL
69 NAS South Weymouth, MA
70 Nav. CC & Ocean Surveillance Center, In-Service, East Coast Det., Norfolk, VA
71 Naval Research Laboratory, Underwater Sound Reference Det., Orlando, FL
72 Naval Security Group Command Detachment, Washington, DC
73 Naval Activities, Guam
74 Naval Air Facility, Adak, AK
75 Naval Air Facility, Detroit, MI
76 Naval Air Technical Services Facility, Philadelphia, PA
77 Naval Aviation Depot, Pensacola, FL
78 Naval Aviation Engineering Services Unit, Philadelphia, PA
79 Naval Biodynamics Laboratory, New Orleans, LA
80 Naval CC & Ocean Surveillance Center, San Diego, CA
81 Naval CC & Ocean Surveillance Center, Warminster, PA
82 Naval Information Systems Management Center, Arlington, VA
83 Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethesda, MD
84 Naval Management System Support Office, Chesapeake, VA
85 Naval Personnel Research & Development Center, San Diego, CA
86 Naval Recruiting Command, Washington, DC
87 Naval Sea Systems Command, Arlington, VA
88 Naval Training Center, Orlando, FL
89 Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA
90 NAWC, Aircraft Division, Open Water Test Facility, Oreland, PA
91 NAWC, Aircraft Division, Indianapolis, IN
92 NAWC, Aircraft Division, Warminster, PA
93 Naval Shipyard, Norfolk Detachment, Philadelphia, PA
94 NSWC, Louisville, KY
95 NSWC, Carderock Detachment, Annapolis, MD
96 NSWC, Dahlgren Division Detachment, White Oak, MD
97 Nuclear Power Propulsion Training Center, Orlando, FL
98 NUWC, Keyport, WA
99 NUWC, Newport Division, New London, CT
100 Oakland Army Base, CA
101 Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA
102 Onizuka AGS, CA
103 Ontario IAP AGS, CA
104 Public Works Center, Guam
105 Publications Distribution Center, Baltimore, MD
106 Real-Time Digitally Controlled Analyzer Processor Activity,
Buffalo, NY
107 Recreation Center #2, Fayetteville, NC
108 Red River Army Depot, TX
109 Reese AFB, TX
110 Reserve Center Santa Ana, Irvine, CA
111 Reserve Center, Cadillac, MI
112 Readiness Command, Region Seven, Charleston, SC
113 Reserve Center, Huntsville, AL
114 Reserve Center, Laredo, TX
115 Readiness Command, Region Ten, New Orleans, LA
116 Air Reserve Center, Olathe, KS
117 Reserve Center, Pomona, CA
118 Reserve Center, Sheboygan, WI
119 Reserve Center, Staten Island, NY
120 Reserve Center, Stockton, CA
121 Rio Vista Army Reserve Center, CA
122 Roslyn AGS, NY
123 Naval Recruiting District, San Diego, CA
124 Savanna Army Depot Activity, IL
125 Seneca Army Depot, NY
126 Ship Repair Facility, Guam
127 Sierra Army Depot, CA
128 Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command, Arlington, VA
129 Stratford Army Engine Plant, CT
130 Sudbury Training Annex, MA
131 Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Long Beach, CA
132 Williams AFB, AZ

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