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Section: Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission 1995 Report to the President


Date Composed: 07/18/1995 Date Modified: 07/27/1995


Cover Letter to the President

Maps of 1995 Closures and Realignments

Executive Summary


Chapter 1: Commission Findings and Recommendations




Air Force

Defense Agencies

Chapter 2: Life After Base Closure

Overview of the Current Reuse Process

Key Elements

Federal Agencies and Reuse

Legislative and Administrative Changes Affecting Reuse
Hearings and Site Visits



Chapter 3: Issues for Further Consideration

The Future of the Base Closure and Realignment Process

Military Hospitals

Cross Servicing within the Department of Defense

Military Family Housing

Engineering Field Activity (EFA) West, San Bruno, CA

Return on Investment

Analysis of Economic Impact

Chapter 4: Previous Base Closure Rounds

History of Base Closure

The 1988 Commission

Changing World Situation

P.L. 100-510: The Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990

The 1991 Commission

The 1993 Commission

Chapter 5: The 1995 Process and Procedures

Composition of the 1995 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission

The 1995 Base Closure Process

Key Provisions of the Law

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Guidance to the Military Departments and Defense Agencies.

Joint Cross-Service Functions

The Army Process

The Navy Process

The Air Force Process

The Defense Logistics Agency Process

The Defense Investigative Service Process

OSD/JCS Review

Commission Review

Criteria 1-4: Military Value

Criteria 5-8: Costs, Savings, and Impacts

Criterion 5: Return on Investment

Criterion 6: Economic Impact

Criterion 7: Community Infrastructure

Criterion 8: Environmental Impact

The Role of the General Accounting Office (GAO)


A) Abbreviations

B) Definitions

C) Section 2687, Title 10, United States Code

D) 1988 Charter: Defense Secretarys Commission on Base Realignment and Closure

E) Base Closure and Realignment Act (P.L. 100-526)

F) Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (P.L. 101- 510, as amended)

G) Force-Structure Plan

H) Final Selection Criteria

I) Secretary of Defense Closure and Realignment Recommendations: 95, 93 & 91

J) Bases Added by Commission for Further Consideration:
95, 93 & 91

K) Redirect Recommendations and Results: 95, 93, & 91

L) Closures and Realignments by State: 88, 91, 93, & 95

M) Closures and Realignments by Service Branch: 95, 93, 91, & 88

N) DoD Recommendations Modified or Rejected by Commissions: 95, 93 & 91

O) Hearings Held by the 95, 93 & 91 Commissions

P) Commissioner and Staff Base Visits for the 95, 93 & 91 Rounds

Q) Commissioner Biographies

R) Staff


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