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The in-country HUMINT assets provided invaluable information through the pre-deployment phase of JUST CAUSE even though they were restricted by national policy and TDA manning issues. During the latter months of 1989, the 470th MI Bde provided critical information concerning the repositioning of key PDF elements and specific personnel. Without these efforts, analysts could not have accurately determined the composition and disposition of the PDF. The area expertise maintained by the personnel of the 450th enabled accurate tasking and collection.


Unit commanders must ensure that area expertise is maintained for their contingency areas. Programs, such as REDTRAIN, provide current, in-country training and orientation missions for their S2 and analysts.


  • Area expertise of analysts, HUMINT specialists and intelligence officers is an intangible element. Ample training and refresher visits to the operational area must be provided.

  • Personnel that have served within the operational area must be tracked and properly utilized within the command.

  • Personnel attached for periods of 179 days provide the greatest dividend to the command. They develop area expertise.

  • Commanders of HUMINT organizations must ensure that sources and nets are developed. Liaison personnel will not be useful upon commencement of hostilities.

  • In-depth, current biographic data bases including facial photos must be maintained for all contingency missions.

Table of Contents, Volume III
Information Management
Lessons Learned - Intelligence: Illicit Narcotics and Monies

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