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The Revolution In Oman
CSC 1985
                THE REVOLUTION IN OMAN
    The Revolution in Oman was started in 1962 by a group
of youth outside of Oman. The reason why they were noticed
is that the government had not done anything for the
people.  At that time there were no schools, no hospital
roads, and nothing.  So in everybody's eyes they were right
in the year mentioned above.  They shot the first bullet in
the south of Oman but the question is why they choose that
    The south of Oman geographically is a mountainous and a
thick wooded area and it has five months of rain.  The
fighting is very difficult for anyone who is not familiar
with the area.
    Actually it was difficult for both the army and the
revolutionary people.  Why?  They have to bring their
ammunition and kit by camel through the Democratic People of
South Yaman which was a British colony. After the
independence it was changed to a communist government.  So
by their way they were able to convince the Revolutionaries
to be on their side which they did.  Why?  They did that
because south Yaman was going to supply them with the
equipment which they got from the USSR and China.  So they
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opened their offices, training camps, schools and full
administration.  They started to be stronger and stronger
against the government until 1970 when His Majesty Sultan
Qaboos took over from his father.
    Sultan Qaboos promised his people that he was going to
do whatever he could to help the country and her people to
have a bright future which he did.
    He continued the fight against the Revolution.  But in
his time the Revolution already was very strong and they
were able to get through enough equipment to fight with for
a long time.  They were able to fight with that equipment
for five years.
    In 1975 the army was able to defeat them badly.  Many
of them surrendered to the army and many were captured by
the army.  It was very rough but we destroyed the communist
idea before it came to us, even though it took us quite a
long time.
    Thank God.
    Oman today enjoys stability, a healthy economy and a
rising standard of living in a country which not so long ago
was the most backward in the Arab world.
                    OMAN GEOGRAPHY
    Oman is located in the extreme southeast corner of the
Arabian Peninsula with a total land area of 300,000 sq kms
of mountainous terrain interspersed with wads wadis and
green valleys where the efforts of man have both created and
cultivated arable land.  To the north it borders on the
Strait of Hormuz, to the east the Arabian Sea, to the west
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab emirates and to the south,
South Yemen.
    In land area Oman is the second largest country in
Arabia.  A number of islands in the Arabian Sea form part of
Oman, the most important being the island of Mas, Rah and
Kuria Muria Islands.  The Omani coastline on the Arabian Sea
is about 1,700 kms and that is why it is so important in the
                    HISTORY OF OMAN
    Oman was one of the first countries to embrace Islam
and the Muslim religion has through the centuries acted as a
strongly unifying force within the country and is today the
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foundation of the political and legal systems, of course,
whole national life.  The commercial Golden Age of Oman
between the Seventh and Fifteenth Centuries Omani ships
spread the message of Islam as far as Africa and China.  The
Portuguese came to Oman in 1507 and they stayed until 1646.
The Portuguese were pursued out of the Gulf to East Africa
where Oman became non-European power.
                     ECONOMY OF OMAN
1.  Depend on oil and gas.
2.  Mining.
3.  Agriculture and fisheries.
Farming continue to provide the main source of income for
about half of Omanis whose families have been traditionally
farmers.  The government provides loans at a very low
interest rate.  Oman is the second country after Saudi
Arabia agriculture, but the question is how they get the
water.  Oman generally gets little rain but has enough water
supplies for its needs.  More water has to be found and
discovered through drilling systems, and there is another
system which is a very remarkble system of underground flows
waters.  It is very difficult system to explain.
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