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Acronyms and Abbreviations



A2C2           Army airspace command and control

AATF      air assault task force

AATFC      air assault task force commander

ABN      air battle net

ACA      airspace coordination area

ACL      allowable cargo load

ACP      air control point

ACS      air cavalry squadron

AD      air defense

ADA      air defense artillery

ADAM      area denial artillery munition

admin-log      administrative-logistics

AGL      above ground level

AHB      attack helicopter battalion

ALO      air liaison officer

altn      alternate

am      amplitude modulation

AMB      air mission briefing

AMC      air mission commander

ammo      ammunition

ANGLICO      air and naval gunfire liaison company

AO      area of operations

ASH      advanced scout helicopter

ASK      airspace management

AT      antitank

ATC      air traffic control

atk      attack

AVN      aviation



BCE      battlefield coordination element

Bde      brigade

Bn      battalion

BSA      brigade support area

BTC      battle team captain



C2      command and control

C3      command, control, communications

CAB      combat aviation brigade

CAC      combat aviation company

CAME      corps airspace management element

CAN      combat aviation net

CAS      close air support

CAV      cavalry

CCP      communications checkpoint

cdr      commander

CEO      communication-electronics officer

CEOi      communications-electronics operation instructions

CFA      covering force area

CH      cargo helicopter

CL      chalk leader

CO      commanding officer

co      company

corr      corridor (flight)

CP      command post

Cs      combat support

csc      combat support company

css      combat service support



DAME      division airspace management element

DPICM      dual-purpose, improved conventional munitions

DS      direct support



ea      each

ECM      electronic countermeasures

EEI      essential elements of information

EMP      electromagnetic pulse

EN      engineer

EPW      enemy prisoner of war

equip      equipment

EW      electronic warfare



FA      field artillery

FAC      forward air controller

FARP      forward rearming and refueling point

FASCAM      family of scatterable mines

FAST      forward area support team

FCC      flight coordination center

FDC      fire direction center

FEBA      forward edge of the battle area

FIST      fire support team

FLOT      forward line of own troops

fit      flight

FM      frequency modulation

FO      forward observer

FRAGO      fragmentary order

FSB      forward support battalion

FSCOORD      fire support coordinator

FSE      fire support element

FSO      fire support officer

FSSE      forward service support element



GS      general support

GSR      ground surveillance radar



HC      chemical smoke

HE      high explosive

hel bn      helicopter battalion

HF      high frequency

HQ      headquarters

hr      hour

ht      height

HVT      high value targets



ICM      improved conventional munitions

ICS      (commander's) intercommunication system (aircraft)

ILLUM      illumination

INF      infantry

INTSUM      intelligence summary

IPB      intelligence preparation of the battlefield



JAAT      joint air attack team



km      kilometer



LAPES      low altitude parachute extraction system

lb      pound

LC      line of contact

Ldr      leader

LO      liaison officer

LOGPAC      logistics package

LRSU      long-range surveillance unit

LZ      landing zone



MANPAD      man-portable air defense (system)

max      maximum

MBA      main battle area

medevac      medical evacuatio

METT-T      mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available

ml      military intelligence

min      minute

MOPP      mission-oriented protection posture

mort      mortar



NATO      North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAIDS      navigational aids

NBC      nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO      noncommissioned officer

NCOIC      noncommissioned officer in charge

NCS      net control station

NGF      naval gunfire

NLT      not later than

NOE      nap of the earth (flight)

nuc      nuclear

NVG      night vision goggle



obi      objective

OCOKA      Observation and fields of fire, Cover and concealment, Obstacles and movement, Key terrain, Avenues of approach

OH      observation helicopter

OP      observation post

OPCON      operational control

OPORD      operation order

OPSCD      operations schedule

OPSEC      operations security



pax      passenger

PLL      prescribed load list

plt      platoon

POL      petroleum, oils, lubricants

prep      preparation

prim      primary

PSG      platoon sergeant

PW      prisoner of war

PZ      pickup zone

PZCO      pickup zone control officer



RAAMS      remote antiarmor mine system

RAP      rocket assisted projectile

RATELO      radiotelephone operator

RATT      radio teletypewriter

recon      reconnaissance

rd      round

RFA      restrictive fire area

RFL      restrictive fire line

RP      release point

RRP      replacement receiving point

rt      route

rtn      return



SEAD      suppression of enemy air defense

sec      section

SHORAD      short-range air defense

SIGSEC      signal security

SLAR      side-looking airborne radar

SOP      standing operating procedure

S/L      staggered trail left (formation)

SP      start point

S/R      staggered trail right (formation)

SSB      single sideband (radio)



TACAIR      tactical air

TAC CP      tactical command post

TACP      tactical air control party

TACSATCOM      tactical satellite communications

TF      task force

tgt      target

tm      team

TOC      tactical operations center

TOW      tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided



UH      utility helicopter

UHF      ultra high frequency

USAF      United States Air Force

USMC      United States Marine Corps




VHF      very high frequency

Vic      vicinity

VMC      visual meteorological conditions



WP      white phosphorus

Wt      weight


XO      executive officer


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