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Moving Vehicle-mounted TOW by Helicopter

Section I


H-1. General.

Moving the TOW and its carrier about the battlefield by helicopter provides the commander with the means to rapidly emplace or shift his antiarmor assets. This appendix explains how to accomplish moves by helicopter under varying circumstances.

H-2. Transport by UH-6O.

There are a number of system combinations for consideration in moves by helicopter (Figure H-1).

Figure H-1. TOW squad located in UH-60.

a. ForunitsequippedwiththeMl5l, orM966high-mobility, multipurpose, wheeled vehicle, two UH-60 helicopters are required. In units equipped with the M151 vehicle, one helicopter carries the squad, the weapon system, and slingloads one MI 51, while the other slingloads the M 151 and trailer. In units equipped with the M966, one helicopter carries the weapon system, squad, and ammunition, while the other helicopter carries the M966 by slingload.

NOTE: Limitations imposed by conditions of density altitude may preclude the UH-60 being able to lift the M966. In this case, the squad and weapon system would be transported by the helicopter while the M966 is moved overland by the driver to link up with the rest of the squad.

b. In units equipped with the M901, or M113, the TOW system must be removed from the vehicle. The dismounted system, squad leader, gunner, and assistant gunner can then be moved by the UH-60. The M901, or Ml 13, must then be moved by the driver overland to link up with the rest of the squad.

H-3. Loading the TOW system in the UH-60.

a. The squad leader sits where he can see the LZ during approach and remain terrain-oriented. The assistant gunner sits on the same side next to the squad leader. This speeds up weapon emplacement since the squad leader carries the tripod and sight and the assistant gunner carries the traversing unit. TOW components and missiles are placed in the aircraft to be readily available to the soldier responsible for carrying them.

b. Additional missiles are carried in the aircraft and stockpiled on the landing site for the squad to retrieve. As firing positions are selected, the missiles are collected and moved to these positions. Once dismounted, the squad can move the TOW system short distances. To manually transport the TOW and several missiles for any extended distance is difficult. For this reason, the TOW system is landed and picked up as close to its firing position as possible.


Section II


H-4. General.

Transport methods, using the CH-47, are similar to those employed with the UH-60.

H-5. Transport by CH-47.

In the event that CH-47 helicopters are available, the task is simplified since the CH-47 can lift either the squad's two M151s or one M966 and carry the squad as well. If the unit is equipped with the M901, or M113, it will have to transport the weapon system and crew with the aircraft and have the carrier follow overland.

NOTE: For information on how to prepare vehicles for either internal load or external load, see FM 57-38.


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