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Joint Publications

JCS Pub 0-2, Unified Action Armed Forces (UNAAF).

JCS Pub 1, Joint Warfare for the US Armed Forces.

JCS Pub 1-01, Joint Publication System, Joint Doctrine and Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Development Program.

JCS Pub 1-02, DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

JCS Pub 2-0, Joint Doctrine for Intelligence Support to Operations.

JCS Pub 3-0, Doctrine for Joint Operations.

JCS Pub 3-02, Joint Doctrine for Amphibious Operations.

JCS Pub 3-02.1, Joint Doctrine for Landing Force Operations.

JCS Pub 3-04, Doctrine for Joint Maritime Operations (Air).

JCS Pub 3-09.3, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Close Air Support (CAS).

JCS Pub 3-15, Joint Doctrine for Barriers, Obstacles, and Mine Warfare.

JCS Pub 3-17, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Theater Airlift Operations.

JCS Pub 3-55, Doctrine for Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Support for Joint Operations (RSTA).

JCS Pub 4-0, Doctrine for Logistics Support of Joint Operations.

JCS Pub 4-01.1, Airlift Support to Joint Operations.

JCS Pub 5-0, Doctrine for Planning Joint Operations.

JCS Pub 5-00.2, Joint Task Force Planning Guidance and Procedures.

JCS Pub 6-0, Doctrine for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer (C4) Systems Support of Joint Operations.

Universal Joint Task List, Office of the Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, 25 October 1993.

Multiservice Publications

FM 21-16/FMFM 13-8-1, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Procedures.

FM 100-27/AFM 2-50-USA/USA, Doctrine for Joint Airborne and Tactical Airlift Operations.

FM 100-103-1/FMFRP 5-61/NDC TACNOTE 3-52/ACCP 50-38/USAFEP 50-38/PACAFP 50-38, ICAC2 Multiservice Procedures for Integrated Combat Airspace Command and Control.

FM 100-103-2/FMFRP 5-62/NDC TACNOTE 3-56.2/ACCP 50-54/PACAF 50-54/USAFEP 50-54, The Theater Air-Ground System (TAGS).

US Army Publications

FM 1-100, Army Aviation in Combat Operations.

FM 1-111, Aviation Brigades.

FM 1-112, Attack Helicopter Battalion.

FM 5-71-100, Division Engineer Combat Operations.

FM 5-100, Engineer Combat Operations.

FM 6-20, Fire Support in the Airland Battle.

FM 6-10-1, Field Artillery Cannon Battalion.

FM 6-20-2, Corps Artillery, Division Artillery, and Field Artillery Brigade Headquarters.

FM 6-10-10, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Targeting Process.

FM 6-20-30, Fire Support for Corps and Division Operations.

FM 6-20-40, Fire Support for Brigade Operations (Heavy).

FM 10-1, Quartermaster Principles.

FM 24-1, Signal Support in the Airland Battle.

FM 34-1, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.

FM 34-2, Collection Management and Synchronization Planning.

FM 34-80, Brigade and Battalion Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.

FM 34-130, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.

FM 44-1, US Army Air Defense Artillery Employment.

FM 54-30, Corps Support Groups.

FM 55-1, Army Transportation Services in a Theater of Operations.

FM 63-1, Support Battalions and Squadrons, Separate Brigades and Armored Cavalry Regiment.

FM 63-3, Corps Support Command.

FM 63-20, Forward Support Battalion.

FM 71-3, Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

FM 71-100, Division Operations.

FM 100-5, Operations.

FM 100-7, Army in Theater Operations.

FM 100-8, Combined Army Operations.

FM 100-15, Corps Operations.

FM 100-16, Army Operational Support.

FM 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Symbols.

ST 100-9, The Tactical Decisionmaking Process.

US Marine Corps Publications

FMFM 1-1, Campaigning.

FMFM 2-7, Fire Support in Marine Air-Ground Task Force Operations.

FMFM 3, Command and Control.

FMFM 3-1, Command and Staff Action.

FMFM 4, Combat Service Support.

FMFM 4-1, Combat Service Support Operations.

FMFM 4-4, Engineer Operations.

FMFM 5-1, Organization and Function of Marine Aviation.

FMFM 6-1, Marine Division.

FMFM 6-9, Marine Artillery Support.

FMFM 6-18, Techniques and Procedures for Fire Support Coordination.

FMFM 7-1, Fire Support Coordination.

FMFRP 0-14, Marine Corps Support for the DOD Directory of Military and Associated Terms, January 1994.

FMFRP 1-11, Fleet Marine Force Organization, 1992.

FMFRP 2-12, Marine Air-Ground Task Force: A Global Capability.

FMFRP 3-28, Tri-MEF Support for Field Intelligence Operations, April 1992.

OH-2, The Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

Armed Forces Staff College

AFSC Publication 1, The Joint Staff Officer's Guide.

AFSC Publication 2, Service Warfighting Philosophy and Synchronization of Joint Forces.

Miscellaneous Publications

Cline, Lieutenant Colonel Robert A., "MLRS in USMC Operations," Field Artillery, October 1994.

Gibbons, Lieutenant Colonel, "Logistical Support for the FA Brigade," Field Artillery, October 1991, pp. 36-41.

G3 Battle Book, US Army Command and General Staff College.

G4 Battle Book, US Army Command and General Staff College.

Fundamentals of Tactical Operations, US Army Command and General Staff College.

Kind, Major General Peter S, "Army Tactical C2 System," Military Review, July 1990, pp. 35-41.

"Actions of the 1st (Tiger) Brigade, 2d Armored Division During Operation Desert Shield/Storm, 10 Aug 90-1 Mat 91," US Army, March 1991.

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