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Figure I-1. Notional Division Ready Brigade

Figure I-2. Notional MEF (FWD) MAGTF


Figure III-1. DRB Direct Support MI Company

Figure III-2. MEF (FWD) Intelligence Units/Assets

Figure III-3. MEF (FWD) G-2 Section

Figure III-4. MEF (FWD) SRIG Detachment


Figure IV-1. DRB Mechanized Infantry Battalion

Figure IV-2. DRB Tank Battalion

Figure IV-3. Marine Infantry Regiment

Figure IV-4. Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

Figure IV-5. Planning Movement Rates


Figure V-1. DRB Fire Support Coordination Organizations

Figure V-2. DRB Field Artillery Organizational Structure

Figure V-3. MLRS Battery

Figure V-4. Notional MEF (FWD) Artillery Battalion

Figure V-5. ANGLICO Organization

Figure V-6. MACCS/FFCC/FSCC Relationships

Figure V-7. DRB General Support Naval Gunfire Requests


Figure VI-1. DRB Engineer Battalion

Figure VI-2. Notional MEF (FWD) Engineers

Figure VI-3. MEF (FWD) GCE Engineer company

Figure VI-4. MEF (FWD) ACE Marine Support Squadron

Figure VI-5. MEF (FWD) CSSE Engineer Company

Figure VI-6. Sample SCATMINWARN Report

Figure VI-7. Sample SCATMINWARN Report for Artillery Mission


Figure VII-1. Notional Aviation Combat Element Organization

Figure VII-2. Close Air Support Request Procedures

Figure VII-3. Helicopter Support Team

Figure VII-4. USAF/USMC Air Operations Connectivity

Figure VII-5. CAS/AI Support Request Channels

Figure VII-6. Immediate CAS Request Channels

Figure VII-7. Request Channels for Airlift Support


Figure VIII-1. DRB ADA Battery

Figure VIII-2. MAGTF Air Defense System

Figure VIII-3. MEF Air Defense Control Measures Dissemination

Figure VIII-4. Corps Air Defense Measures Dissemination


Figure IX-1. Forward Support Battalion

Figure IX-2. Sample Corps Support Group (-)

Figure IX-3. Notional Combat Service Support Element

Figure IX-4. Aviation Combat Element Logistics Organization

Figure IX-5. Logistics C2 DRB Under MEF

Figure IX-6. Notional Combat Support Battalion in Support of MEF (FWD)

Figure IX-7. MEF (FWD) Logistics C2 When Under Corps Control


Figure A-1. Notional US Army Corps

Figure A-2. Heavy Armored Cavalry Regiment

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