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These sources are quoted or paraphrased in this publication.

Joint and Multiservice Publications

FM 33-1. Psychological Operations. FMFM 3-53. 18 February 1993.

FM 100-20. Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict. AF Pamphlet 3-20. 5 December 1990.

JCS Pub 1-02. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. 1 December 1989.

JCS Pub 3-0. Doctrine for Joint Operations. 9 September 1993.

JCS Pub 3-07. Joint Doctrine for Military Operations Other Than War. (Final Draft) April 1993.

JCS Pub 3-07.5. Joint Doctrine and TTP for Contingency Operations. (Final Draft) February 1993.

JCS Pub 3-07.51. Joint Doctrine and TTP for Noncombatant Evacuation Operations. (Initial Draft) May 1994.

JCS Pub 3-57. Doctrine for Joint Civil Affairs. May 1994.

Joint Plan for Department of Defense Noncombatant Repatriation. Headquarters, Department of the Army. 16 April 1992.

Army Publications

AR 525-12. Noncombatant Evacuation. 28 May 1973.

FM 8-27. Veterinary Services. 30 September 1983.

FM 8-55. Planning for Health Service Support. 15 February 1985.

FM 21-10. Field Hygiene and Sanitation. 22 November 1988.

FM 27-10. The Law of Land Warfare. 18 July 1956.

FM 31-20. Doctrine for Special Forces Operations. 20 April 1990.

FM 41-10. Civil Affairs Operations. 11 January 1993.

FM 100-5. Operations. 14 June 1993.

Evacuation of US Nationals Handbook, 82d Airborne Division. 1 October 1980.

NEO Handbook. 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). 1 May 1990.

Mission Training Plan. Noncombatant Evacuation Operations. 25th Infantry Division (Light). 1 April 1991.

Leavenworth Papers Number 15. Power Pack: US Intervention in the Dominican Republic, 1965-1966. Lawrence A. Yates, Combat Studies Institute, US Army Command and General Staff College. July 1988.

Other Government Publications

12FAH-1. Emergency Planning Handbook. US Department of State. 22 January 1992.

COMSURFWARDEVGRU TACMEMO X20057- 1-92/0H 7-36. Maritime Conduct of Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEOs). 30 May 1993.

Joint Federal Travel Regulations.

Nonmilitary Publications

Northrop, LTC John H., "NEO Evacuation Control Center Operations." Field Artillery. April 1992:26-30.

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These readings contain relevant supplemental information.

AR 55-355. Defense Traffic Management Regulation. 31 July 1986.

AR 550-1. Procedures for Handling Requests for Political Asylum and Temporary Refuge. 1 October 1981.

AR 381-19. Intelligence Dissemination and Production Support. 29 February 1988.

FM 8-10. Health Service Support in a Theater of Operations. 1 March 1991.

FM 8-10-8. Medical Intelligence in a Theater of Operations. 7 July 1989.

FM 8-42. Medical Operations in Low Intensity Conflict. 4 December 1990.

FM 55-10. Movement Control in a Theater of Operations. 8 December 1992.

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Siegel, Adam B., "An American Entebbe." PROCEEDINGS Naval Review. May 1992: 96-100.


These documents must be available to the intended users of this publication.

DA Form 2028. Recommended Changes to Publication and Blank Forms. February 1974.

DD Form 2585. Repatriation Processing Center Processing Sheet. February 1992.

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