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AA assembly area

AAA air avenues of approach

AACG arrival airfield control group

AALPS automated air loading planning system

AATCC Army air traffic control center

AB air base

ABCCC airborne battlefield command and control center

abn airborne

ACC air control center

ACL allowable cargo load

ACP assembly control post

ADA air defense artillery

ADACG arrival/departure airfield control group

ADP automatic data processing

ADSO assistant division signal officer

AECC aeromedical evacuation control center

AF Air Force

AFB Air Force base

AFM Air Force manual

AFR Air Force regulation

AFSOB Air Force special operations base

AFSOP Air Force standing operating procedure

AG Adjutant General

AGL above ground level

AH attack helicopter

AI air interdiction

A/L air land

ALACC aircraft landing area control center

ALCC airlift control center

ALCE airlift control element

ALFT airlift

ALO air liaison officer

ALPS automated load planning system

AM amplitude modulation

AMB air mission brief

AMC air mission commander

ammo ammunition

AMO air movement officer

ANGLICO air and naval gunfire liaison company

AO area of operations

APO Army Post Office

AR Army regulation

ARFOR Army forces

ARNG Army National Guard

ASAP as soon as possible

asbly assembly

ASCC Army Standardization Coordinating Committee

ASL authorized stockage list

ASOC air support operations center

ASP ammunition supply point

AT antitank

ATC air traffic control

atch attachment

ATO aircraft transfer order

ATT air transportability training

A2C2 Army airspace command and control

avg average

AWACS airborne warning and control system

AWADS adverse weather aerial delivery system

BAI battlefield air interdiction

BCC battlefield coordination center

bde brigade

bn battalion

BOS battlefield operating systems

BSA brigade support area

C2 command and control

C3 command, control, and communications

camo camouflage

CARP computed air release point

CAS close air support

cbt combat

CCT combat control team

cdr commander

CDS container delivery system

CESO communications-electronics staff officer

cfm cubic feet per minute

chemlite chemical light

chemo chemical officer

CI counterintelligence

CIF Central Issue Facility

CINC Commander in Chief

CLACC central loading area control center

clas classified

cmd command

CO commanding officer

COMALF Commander of Airlift Forces

COMDTINST commandant's instruction

comf comfort

commex communications exercise

commo communications

COMSEC communications security

CONPLAN contingency plan

const construction

CONUS continental United States

coord coordinate; coordination

COSCOM Corps Support Command

CP command post

CPX command post exercise

CRC command and reporting center

CRP control and reporting post

CS combat support

CSF casualty staging facility

CSS combat service support

CTA common table of allowances

CUCV commercial utility cargo vehicles

CWIE container, weapon, and individual equipment

DA Department of the Army

DACG departure airfield control group

DACO departure airfield control officer

DCA Defense Communications Agency

DCC DISCOM control center

DCS Defense Communications System

DF direction finding

DISCOM Division Support Command

div division

DLIC detachment left in contact

DMCC division movement control center

DMDG digital message device group

DMJP Dragon missile jump pack

DMMC division materiel management center

DOD Department of Defense

DRB division ready brigade

DRF division ready force

DS direct support

DSA division support area

DSC division support communications

DST decision support templating

DTO division transportation officer

DZ drop zone

DZST drop zone support team

DZSTL drop zone support team leader

EAC echelon above corps

E&E escape and evasion

ech echelon

ECM electronic countermeasures

EDRE emergency deployment readiness exercise

EEFI essential elements of friendly information

e.g. for example

elev elevation

enl enlisted

EOC Emergency Operations Center

EPW enemy prisoner of war

equip equipment

ESIP equipment supply issue point

ESM electronic warfare support measures

etc. et cetera

EW electronic warfare

EZ extraction zones

F Fahrenheit

FA field artillery

FAAR forward area alerting radar

FAC forward air controller

FACE forward aviation combat engineering

FACP forward air control post

FARP forward area resupply point

FASCAM family of scatterable mines

FASCO forward area support coordinator

FAST forward area support team

fax fascimille

FCT firepower control teams

FDC fire direction center

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

1SG first sergeant

FIST fire support team

fl flight

fld field

FLOT forward line of own troops

FLS field landing site

FM field manual; frequency modulated

FMSC Federal Manual for Supply Cataloging

FO forward observer

FOB forward operating base

FORSCOM United States Army Forces Command

frag fragmentary

FRAGO fragmentary order

FSA fire support area

FSB forward support base

FSE fire support element

FSMC forward support medical company

FSO fire support officer

FSS fire support station

ft foot

G1 Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel)

G2 Assistant Chief of Staff (Intelligence)

G3 Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans)

G4 Assistant Chief of Staff (Logistics)

G5 Assistant Chief of Staff (Civil Affairs)

gal gallon

GAR-I ground to air responder- interrogator

GLO ground liaison officer

GMRS ground marked relief system

gren grenade

GRREG graves registration

GS general support

GSR ground surveillance radar

GTP ground tactical plan

HAHO high altitude, high opening

HALO high altitude, low opening

HD heavy drop

HDRS heavy drop rigging site

HE heavy equipment

HEPI heavy equipment point of impact

HF high frequency

HHC headquarters and headquarters command

HMMWV high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HQ headquarters

hr hour

HUMINT human intelligence

hwy highway

IAW in accordance with

ID identification

IEW intelligence and electronic warfare

IFF identification, friend or foe (radar)

IHF improved high frequency

IMC instrument meteorological conditions

inc included

IOM install, operate, and maintain

IP initial point

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPW prisoner of war interrogation

IR infrared

IRC initial ready company

ISB intermediate staging base

JA joint airborne

JAAP joint airborne advance party

JACC joint airborne communication center

JAG Judge Advocate General

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSE joint communications support element

JFC joint force commander

JM jumpmaster

JOC joint operation center

JRCC joint rescue coordination center

JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses

JSOF joint special operation force

JTF joint task force

KIA killed in action

KIAS knots indicated air speed

KTAS knots true air speed

LACC loading area control center

LAPES low-altitude parachute extraction system

LAW light antitank weapon

LBE load-bearing equipment

lbs pounds

LC line of contact

LD line of departure

ldr leader

LIC low-intensity conflict

LMF Light Marine Force

LO liaison officer

LOB line of bearing

LOC lines of communication

LOI letter of instruction

LOS line of sight

LRS long-range surveillance

LRSU long-range surveillance unit

LSA logistics support area

LSI largest single item

LZ landing zone

m meters

MAC Military Airlift Command

MACG marshaling area control group

MACR Military Airlift Command regulation

maint maintenance

MASF mobile aeromedical staging facility

max maximum

MBA main battle area

MC mobility corridors

MCO movement control officer

mech mechanized

med medical

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops and time available

MHE materiels-handling equipment

MHz megahertz

mi miles

MI military intelligence

mil military

min minute

mm millimeter

MMC Materiel Management Center

MMEE minimum mission-essential equipment

MOC2 mission-oriented command and control

MOG maximum-on-ground

MOPP mission-oriented protective posture

mort mortar

MOS military occupational speciality

MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain

MP military police

mph miles per hour

MRE meal-ready to eat

MRO materiel release order

msn mission

MTP mission training plan

MVR maneuver

NAF Naval Air Forces

NAI named areas of interest

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAIDS navigational aids

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NCS net control station

NEO noncombatant evacuation operation

NGF naval gunfire

NM nautical miles

No. number

NOD night observation device

NWP Naval Warfare publication

obj objective

OEG operational exposure guide

off officer

OIC officer in charge

OP observation post

OPCON operational control

OPLAN operation plan

OPNAVINST operational naval instruction

opns operations

OPORD operation order

OPSEC operations security

opt optional

ORF operational readiness float

OVM on-vehicle materiel

PA physician's assistant; public address (system)

PAM pamphlet

PAO Public Affairs Office(r)

pax passenger(s)

PDF Panamanian Defense Force

PE priority equipment

PERSTAT personnel status

PHA personnel holding area

PI point of impact

PIBAL pilot balloon (observation)

PIR priority intelligence requirements

PLL prescribed load list

plt platoon

POL petroleum, oil, and lubricants

POM preparation of oversea movement of units

POR preparation of replacement for overseas movement

POV privately owned vehicle(s)

PP passage point

PPI personnel point of impact

prep prepare; preparation

PRVEP prerigged vehicles/equipment package

PSC personnel service company

PSG platoon sergeant

psi pounds per square inch

PSYOP psychological operation

PT (aircraft)

PVL priority vehicle list

PW prisoner of war

R&S reconnaissance and surveillance

RATELO radiotelephone operator

RATT radio teletypewriter

RB radar beacon

RCT regimental combat team

recon reconnaissance; reconnoiter

ref reference(s)

REMAB remote marshaling base

REMBASS remotely monitored battlefield sensor system

rep representative

reqd required

retrans retransmission

ROE rules of engagement

RP release point

RSL remote spring launch

RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

RTFT round-trip flying time

Rv radius of vulnerability

S1 Adjutant

S2 Intelligence Officer

S3 Operations and Training Officer

S4 Supply Officer

S5 Civil Affairs Officer

SACR Strategic Air Command regulation

SALT supporting arms liaison team

S&T supply and transport (unit)

SAR search and rescue

SATCOM satellite communication(s)

scty security

SD special duty

SDO staff duty officer

SEAD suppression of enemy air defense

SECOMP secure en route communications package

SERE survival, evasion, resistance and escape

SCM sergeant major

SGT sergeant

SHF super high frequency

SHORAD short-range air defense

SIGINT signal intelligence

SIGO signal officer

SKE station keeping equipment

SKE/ZM station keeping equipment/zone marker

SO safety officer

SOCCE special operations command and control element

SOF special operations force

SOI signal operation instructions

SOP standing operating procedure

spt support

sq square

SSAN Social Security Account number

SSB single side band

sta station

STANAG Standardization Agreement

STOL short takeoff and landing

STU III (a secure telephone)

syn synthetic

sys system

t ton

TAACOM Theater Army Area Command

TAC Tactical Air Command

TACAIR tactical air

TACC tactical airlift control center

TACP tactical air control party

TACS tactical air control system

TACSAT tactical satellite

TAES tactical aeromedical evacuation system

TAF Tactical Air Force

TAI target areas of interest

TALO tactical air liaison officer

TAW tactical air wing

TB technical bulletin

TBP to be published

T/D/AC tons per day per aircraft

TDAR tactical defense alert radar

tech technician

TEMIG tactical electronic magnetic ignition generator

TF task force

tgt target

TGT total ground time

TLP troop-leading procedure

tm team

TM technical manual

TO takeoff

TOC tactical operations center

TOE table(s) of organization and equipment

TOT time over target

TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided (missile)

TPL time phase line

TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command

trns trains

TSR tactical surveillance and reconnaissance

TT/D total tons per day

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

UHF ultra high frequency

ULACC unit loading area control center

US United States

USAF United States Air Force

USAR United States Army Reserve

USMC United States Marine Corp

USNG United States National Guard

UTE utilization time

UTM universal transverse mercator (grid)

veh vehicle

vert vertical

VFR visual flight rules

VHF very high frequency

VIRS verbally initiated release system

VMC visual meteorological conditions

VTOL vertical take-off/landing

w with

w/o without

WO warning order

WOC wing operations center

wpns weapons

wt weight

xmtr transmitter

XO executive officer

yds yards

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