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ABL - ammunition basic load

ACofS - Assistant Chief of Staff

AINS - Ammunition Information Notices

airhead - a designated location in an area of operations used as a base for supply and evacuation by air

AIS - Automated Information System(s)

AIT - automated identification technology

AMCCOM - armament munitions and chemical compound

ammo - ammunition

ammunition basic load - that quantity of conventional ammunition authorized and required to be on hand in a unit to meet combat needs until resupply can be accomplished; specified by the TA and expressed in rounds for ammunition items fired by weapons and in other units of measure for bulk allotment

ammunition supply point - an area designated to receive, store, and issue Class V materiel; normally located at or near the division area and operated by the corps DS ammunition company

ammunition support activity - generally, one of the storage areas (CSA/TSA/ASP) whose primary mission is to receive, store, issue, and maintain the theaterís conventional ammunition stocks

ammunition transfer point - a designated temporary site where munitions are transferred from corps transportation to issuing unit vehicles; forward ATP is normally located in the brigade area, operated by either the supply company, FSB in a heavy division, the forward supply company of the S&T battalion in a light division, or the S&T company of the support battalion of a separate brigade; ammunition company ATP is normally located in the division area, operated by the ordnance company, ammunition (DS)

AO - area of operations

APS - Army prepositioned stocks

AR - Army regulation

ARFOR - Army force

ASA - ammunition support activity

ASCC - Army service component commander

ASG - area support group

ASP - ammunition supply point

AST - ammunition support team

AT - antitank

ATP - ammunition transfer point

BB - break-bulk

BB/CON - break-bulk/container

BCT - brigade combat train

bde - brigade

bn - battalion

BSA - brigade support area

cbt - combat

CCSS - commodity command standard system

CEA - captured enemy ammunition

CINC - commander in chief

CL - combat load

CMCC - corps movement control center

CMMC - corps materiel management center

co - company

COMMZ - communications zone

controlled supply rate - the rate of ammunition consumption that can be supported, considering availability, facilities, and transportation; expressed in rounds per unit, individual, weapon, or vehicle per day. The TA announces the CSR for each item of ammunition; in turn, the commander of each subordinate unit determines the CSR for the unit. A unit may not draw ammunition in excess of its CSR without authority from its next higher HQ. (See FM 101-10-1/2.)

CONUS - continental United States

conv - conventional

convoy - a group of vehicles organized for the purpose of control and orderly movement with or without escort protection

corps storage area - a site established to store and issue the ammunition requirements of the assigned or attached corps combat units; operated by one or more GS ammunition companies. At least one CSA is needed to support a tactical division using the ASP and ATP network

COSCOM - corps support command

CP - command post

CS - combat support

CSA - corps storage area

CSB - corps support battalion

CSG - corps support group

CSR - controlled supply rate

CSS - combat service support

CSSCS - combat service support control system

CTIL - commanderís tracked items list

CTOC - corps tactical operations center

DA - Department of the Army

DAAS - Defense Automated Addressing System

DAC - Department of the Army civilian

DAMMS-R - Department of the Army Movement Management System-Redesign

DAO - division ammunition officer

DCSLOG - Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

DCSOPS - Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans

DD form - Department of Defense form

Department of Defense Identification Code - an alphanumeric designation used to identify a specific item or component part of Class V materiel (for example, D544 is the DODIC for 155mm projectile, HE)

devs - developments

dir - director

DISCOM - division support command

div - division

DLA - Defense Logistics Agency

DMMC - division materiel management center

DODIC - Department of Defense Identification Code

DOS - days of supply

DPG - Defense Planning Guidance

DS - direct support

DSA - division support area

DTO - division transportation officer

DTOC - division tactical operations center

DU - depleted uranium

EAC - echelons above corps

EOD - explosive ordnance disposal

EODCT - explosive ordnance disposal control team

EODTIC - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Information Center

FM - field manual

FSB - forward support battalion

G2/J2 - Assistant Chief of Staff (Intelligence)

G3 - Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations and Plans)

G4 - Assistant Chief of Staff (Logistics)

GMLR - guided missile and large rocket

GS - general support

HEMTT - heavy expanded mobility tactical truck

HHC - headquarters and headquarters company

HHD - headquarters and headquarters detachment

HLP - heavy lift platoon

HN - host nation

HNS - host nation support

HQ - headquarters

HQDA - Headquarters Department of the Army

IAW - in accordance with

ICM - improved conventional munition

IED - improvised explosive device

IOC - Industrial Operations Command

IPB - intelligence preparation of the battlefield

ISO - International Standardization Organization

ITV - in-transit visibility

JTF - joint task force

LAW - light antitank weapon

lift - (of ammunition) the use of MHE to pick up ammunition and put it down, with each pickup and put-down constituting one lift. When containerized ammunition is received at the CSA or TSA, it is off-loaded with a rough-terrain container crane. The ammunition is unloaded with a variable-reach forklift and placed in a storage location. When issued, the ammunition is picked up by a rough-terrain forklift and placed on a vehicle. Each of these movements constitutes a lift, for a total of three lifts to receive, rewarehouse, and issue the ammunition

LOC - lines of communication

LOGCAP - Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program

LOGSA - logistics support activity

LOTS - logistics over-the-shore

LPT - logistics preparation of the theater

LSA - logistics support activity

LSE - logistics support element

MACOM - major Army command

Maneuver-Oriented Ammunition Distribution System - an ammunition supply system designed to provide 100 percent of combat units' (infantry, armor, field artillery, combat aviation, combat engineers, air defense artillery) ammunition requirements through the ATP network. Corps transportation (ground and air) is allocated and operates in a DS role to support ammunition shipments from the CSA to ASPs and ATPs, and from ASPs to ATPs

MATO - materiel office(r)

MCA - movement conrol agency

MCC - movement control center

MCL - mission-configured load

METT-T - mission, enemy, troops, terrain and weather, and time available

MHE - materials-handling equipment

MICOM - Missile Command

mission-configured load - ammunition configured/reconfigured into complete round mix/weapon system mix to meet a specific theater of operations requirement

MLP - medium-lift platoon

MMC - materiel management center

MMR - Military Munitions Rule

MOADS - Maneuver-Oriented Ammunition Distribution System

MOADS-PLS - MOADS-palletized load system

MOD - modernization

MOS - military occupational specialty

MP - military police

MSB - main support battalion

MSE - mobile subscriber equipment

MTS - movement tracking system

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO standardization agreement - the record of an agreement among several member nations to adopt like or similar military equipment, ammunition, supplies, and stores and operational, logistic, and administrative procedures. National acceptance of a NATO allied publication issued by the Military Agency for Standardization may be recorded as a standardization agreement

NBC - nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO - noncommissioned officer

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

NICP - National Inventory Control Point

NMP - - National Maintenance Point

OCONUS - outside continental United States

ODCSLOG - Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

ODCSOPS - Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations and Plans

OPCON - operational control

OPLAN - operation plan

OPLOG - operational logistics

OPORD - operation order

pam - pamphlet

PL - public law

PLS - palletized load system

POD - port of debarkation

POL - petroleum, oils, and lubricants

PP - packaging and preservation

push/pull system - push system: the automatic resupply of ammunition consumed by the user; consumption rate is calculated by the type and quantity of ammunition issued to the user from stocks on hand at the issuing facility. Issues are reported through daily transaction reports to the CMMC by the issuing activity (such as an ASP, an ATP, or DAO). That quantity along with any new or additional requirements is pushed into the supply pipeline at the CSA or TSA to replenish or add to mission stocks forward. Pull-system: uses DAO requests for Class V by type and quantity to satisfy mission requirements

QA - quality assurance

QASAS - quality assurance specialist (ammunition surveillance)

QC - quality control

RAOC - rear area operations center

RC - Reserve Component

RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

required supply rate - the quantity of ammunition expressed as rounds per weapon per day for ammunition items fired by weapons; as other units of measure per day, for bulk allotment and other items required to sustain operations of any designated force without restriction for a specified period

RF - radio frequency

ROD - report of discrepancy

RSR - required supply rate

S3 - Operations and Training Officer

S4 - Supply Officer

SAAS - Standard Army Ammunition System

SAAS-MOD - Standard Army Ammunition System-Modernization

SASO - stability and support operations

SB - supply bulletin

SF - standard form

SFC - sergeant first class

short ton - the equivalent of 2000 pounds (0.907 metric ton) of weight

SITREP - situation report

sling out - ammunition loaded into cargo nets and rigged beneath a helicopter. Sling-out operations are conducted primarily for emergency resupply of units not accessible by ground transport or when time or security is a critical factor

SOP - standing operating procedure

SOUMS - safety of use messages

SPBS-R - Standard Property Book System-Redesign

spt - support

SRC - standard requirement code

ST/STON - short ton

STAMIS - Standard Army Information System

STANAG - standardization agreement

strategic comfigured load - ammunition loaded into an ISO container or ISO-compatible flatrack at a CONUS depot or facility in a complete round mix for artillery and a weapon system mix for other systems (tanks, Bradleys, Apaches, etc)

SUPCOM - support command

svc - service

TA - theater army

TAACOM - theater army area command center

TACOM - theater army command

TAMCC - theater army movement control center

TAMIS - Training Ammunition Management Information System

TAMMC - theater army materiel management center

TAV - total asset visibility

TB - technical bulletin

TC - training circular

tech - technical

theater storage area - within the COMMZ, operated by one or more ordnance companies ammunition (GS); receives, stores, issues, and maintains the theater's conventional ammunition reserves; should be linked with air, road, rail, and seaborne networks and facilities when possible

TM - technical manual

TMCA - theater movement control agency

TMMC - theater materiel management center

TOE - table(s) of organization and equipment

TPFD - time-phased force deployment

TRADOC - US Army Training and Doctrine Command

TRANSCOM - transportation command

TSA - theater storage area

ULLS-4 - Unit-Level Logistics System-S4

US - United States (of America)

USACAA - US Army Concepts Analysis Agency

USACASCOM - US Army Combined Arms Support Command

USACASCOM&FL - US Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee

USAMC - US Army Materiel Command

USSS - United States Secret Service

UXO - unexploded ordnance

VIP - very important person

WARS - Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System

WD - weapons density

WHNS - wartime host nation support

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