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SAAS-MOD is an automated ammu-nition information system that integrates all three levels of operations into a single software baseline. The three levels are:

  • Theater/corps materiel management center.
  • Ammunition supply point.
  • Division ammunition officer.

For a comparison between SAAS and SAAS-MOD, see Figure A-1.

The primary purpose of SAAS-MOD is to provide information regarding con-ventional ammunition assets to tactical commanders during wartime conditions. The system is used by all ammunition support activities in the Active and Reserve Components. SAAS-MOD manages all conventional ammunition, GMLR and their related components, as well as packaging materials. This automated system can pass and receive almost real-time information on all conventional munitions resources at the three levels of operations.

Figure A-1. SAAS versus SAAS-MOD

Figure A-2. SAAS-MOD interface

SAAS-MOD is a multicommand Stand-ard Army Management Information System (STAMIS) that integrates all retail munitions supply functions and processes. It does this using automated identification technology (AIT) such as RF tags and on desktop type computers, in a windows environment. It provides ITV and stock record accounting at the retail level.

Each SAAS-MOD operating level can function independently of the next higher level, if necessary. When deployed independently (such as with a modular ammunition platoon in an immature theater), SAAS-MOD can perform the functions of any level; for example, of a TAMMC. SAAS-MOD can also perform dual roles (CMMC/ TAMMC) during theater development (see Figure A-2). Functions include management of basic load, war reserve, and operational stocks. SAAS-MOD also gives users the ability to test wartime scenarios on existing data bases without disrupting real-time accountability.

SAAS-MOD can interface with the following systems:

  • SAAS to SAAS.

  • Commodity command standard system (CCSS).

  • Logistics support activity (LSA).
  • Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System (WARS).

  • Standard Property Book System-Redesign (SPBS-R).

  • DA Movement Management System-Redesign (DAMMS-R).
  • Unit Level Logistics System, Level 4 (ULLS S-4).

  • Combat Service Support Control System (CSSCS).

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