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AAD advanced access and disablement

AAR after-action report

AC a blood agent

ACE armored combat equipment

ACUS area common user system

AP armor piercing

APFT Army Physical Fitness Test

area denial ordnance
ordnance items designed to deny area access by being activated by some means upon approach of personnel or vehicles. Examples range from a hand-emplaced mine which functions when a soldier steps on it to artillery- or aircraft-delivered mines which function when a sensor is activated by one or more of the following means: magnetic, acoustic, trip wire, random time delay, etc.

AR Army regulation

ARNG Army National Guard

ASG area support group

ASP ammunition supply point

ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System

attn attention

bde brigade

BHW base hazardous waste

BI background investigation

bio biological

BIP blow in place

bn battalion

C2 command and control

CAIRA chemical accident/incident response and assistance

CB chemical/biological

CCL contamination control line

cdr commander

CENTCOM Central Command

CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CG a choking agent

CID criminal investigation division

CIMIC civil-military cooperation

CINC Commander in Chief

CK a blood agent

CL clerical

cm centimeter

CO company; combat (ASVAB code)

comm communications

COMSEC communications security

COMTECHREP complementary technical report

CONUS continental United States

COSCOM Corps Support Command

counter UXO operations
EOD and other units performing tasks that reduce UXO hazards that threaten assets, personnel, or operations.

CP command post

CPT captain

CS a tear agent

CS-2 a tear agent

CSB corps support battalion

CSG corps support group

CSM command sergeant major

CSS combat service support

DA Department of the Army

DC District of Columbia

DD Department of Defense

DERP Defense Environmental Restoration Program

det detachment

DISCOM Division Support Command

div division

DOD Department of Defense

DODIC DOD Identification Code

DOE Department of Energy

DOT Department of Transportation

DPM disintegrations per minute

DR dose rate

DROS date returned from overseas

DS direct support

DSN defense service network

DU depleted uranium

EAC echelons above corps

ECCS emergency contamination control station

EDRE emergency deployment readiness exercise

EL electronics

EMR electromagnetic radiation

ENCOM engineer command

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

EODCT EOD control team

EODTIC EOD Technical Information Center

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

EPDS emergency personnel decontamination station

EUCOM European Command

FA field artillery

FARP forward area rearm/refuel point

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FM field manual

FORSCOM US Army Forces Command

FS fuming smoke

FUDS formerly used defense site

g gram

G2 Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)

G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)

GB a nerve agent

GB-2 a nerve agent

GM general maintenance

gp group

GS general support

GT general technical

GTA graphic training aid

H a blister agent

HD a blister agent

HE high explosive

HEAT high explosive antitank

HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment

HRIAP hasty reconnaissance/initial action phase

HQ headquarters

HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army

IAW in accordance with

IC installation commander

ICM improved conventional munition

IED improvised explosive device

IEP initial entry party

IET initial entry training

IND improvised nuclear device

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

J2 Intelligence Directorate

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

lb pound

LOC lines of communication (logistic routes)

LTC lieutenant colonel

LSD lysergic acid diethylamide

MACOM major Army command

MCM Munitions Countermeasures Manual

METL mission-essential task list

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

MFH missile fuel handler's

MI military intelligence; middle initial

MILPO military personnel office

min minimum

mm millimeter

MM motor maintenance

MOPP mission-oriented protective posture

MOS military occupational specialty

MOU memorandum of understanding

MP military police

MRC major regional contingency

MSR main supply route

NAIRA nuclear accident/incident response and assistance

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NEW net explosive weight

NG National Guard

no number

NW nuclear weapon


OF operators and food

OIC officer in charge (of)

OMMCS Ordnance Missile and Munitions Center and School

OOTW operations other than war

OPLAN operation plan

OPSEC operations security

ord ordnance

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Agency

oz ounce

PACOM Pacific Command

pam pamphlet

PAO public affairs officer

PM provost marshall

POL petroleum, oil, and lubricants

PRETECHREP preliminary technical report

PRP Personnel Reliability Program

PULHES physical profile serial code (numerical)

QASAS quality assurance specialist (ammunition surveillance)

RADCON radiological control

RAOC rear area operations center

RCP remote/rear command post

RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RDTE research, development, test, and evaluation

RP rally point

RRDA Resource, Recovery, and Disposition Account

RSP render safe procedure

RTO radio telephone operator

RTOC rear tactical operations center

RWP Radiation Work Permit

S1 Adjutant (U.S. Army)

S2 Intelligence Officer (U.S. Army)

S3 Operations & Training Officer (U.S. Army)

S4 Supply Officer (U.S. Army)

SC surveillance and communications

sec section

sgt sergeant

SOFA status of forces agreement

SOI Signal Operation Instructions

SOP standing operating procedure

SSG staff sergeant

SSI Signal Supplemental Instructions

SSN social security number

ST skilled technical

STANAG standardization agreement

STB supertropical bleach (decontaminant)

any ordnance delivered from a larger carrier, a projectile, rocket warhead, or a dispenser dropped from aircraft can be area-denial ordnance.

TA Theater Army

TAACOM Theater Army Area Command

TABE Test of Adult Basic Education

TACOM Theater Army Command

TAP toxicological agent protective

TEA Triethyl Aluminum

TEU Technical Escort Unit

TM technical manual

TO theater of operations

TOC tactical operations center

TOE table of organization and equipment

TRADOC US Army Training and Doctrine Command

TSD Technical Services Division

TSDF treatment, storage, disposal facility

UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

US United States

USARCENT US Army Central Command

USAREUR US Army Europe

USARPAC US Army Pacific Command

USC United States Code

USCINCCENT United States Commander in Chief, Central Command

USCINCEUR United States Commander in Chief, Europe

USCINCPAC United States Commander in Chief, Pacific Command

USSS United States Secret Service

UXO unexploded ordnance

VA Virginia

VIP very important person

VX a nerve agent

WP work party

Wt weight

XO executive officer


< less than

~ approximately equal to

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