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This appendix will assist personnel involved in the recruitment, evaluation, and acceptance of soldiers requesting MOS 55D/91E training or assignment. The references used for this process are ARs 50-5, 600-8-10, 611-105, and 614-200 and DA Pamphlet 351-4.

Because of the nature of EOD work, it is extremely important that selected candidates be highly motivated personnel of good character. EOD candidates must be thoroughly screened to ensure that they meet the standards required of this MOS. Potential EOD candidates may be IET soldiers or may be identified from in-service recruiting. Whether the EOD candidate is IET, in-service, ARNG, officer or enlisted, all must be thoroughly screened and meet current standards.

The most important part of the initial screening process is the letter of acceptance. An EOD candidate can obtain this letter by being screened and interviewed by qualified EOD personnel The interview can be conducted by an EOD officer or senior EOD NCO. The interviewer must determine that the candidate possesses the necessary qualifications and that he does not have any disqualifies that would prevent him from becoming a fully qualified EOD soldier. The interviewer must also assess the motivation of the individual, his ability to learn, and his understanding of the hazards inherent in EOD duty.

Soldiers desiring to become EOD-qualified need to be made aware that they must meet several general requirements even prior to start of the initial screening process. They should be aware that they must--

  • Possess normal color vision.
  • Have a physical profile serial code (PULHES) of 111111 or 111121.
  • Have achieved a GM score of 105 or higher on the ASVAB.
  • Be capable of receiving a SECRET clearance with a background investigation.

None of these general requirements can be waived. Once a soldier determines that he can meet these requirements, he should arrange to receive a TAP suit test and an EOD interview from the nearest EOD company.

The interview checklist appearing on the following pages (Figure D-1) will assist EOD personnel involved in the screening process. The checklist should be followed closely to maintain uniform standards in the interview process. Information that is surfaced or obtained during the interview process may eliminate the waste of funds in training EOD soldiers who are later found unqualified.

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