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FM 71-3
The Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade



These are sources quoted or paraphrased in this publication.

Army Publications

AR 40-5

Preventive Medicine. October 1990.


Mission Training Plan for the Infantry Battalion. December 1988.

FM 3-3 Chemical and Biological Contamination Avoidance. November 1992.
FM 5-17-100 Division Engineer Combat Operations. April 1993.
FM 5-71-3 Brigade Engineer Combat Operations (Armored). October 1995.
FM 5-100-15 Corps Engineer Operations. June 1995.
FM 7-20 The Infantry Battalion. April 1992.
FM 10-23 Basic Doctrine for Army Field Feeding. December 1991.
FM 19-4 Military Police Battlefield Circulation Control, Area Security, and Enemy Prisoner of War Operations. May 1993.
FM 20-31 Electric Power Generation in the Field. October 1987.
FM 20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations. September 1992.
FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation. November 1988.
FM 21-10-1 Unit Field Sanitation Team. October 1989.
FM 24-1 Signal Support in the Airland Battle. October 1990.
FM 34-80 Brigade and Battalion Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations. April 1986.
FM 44-16 Chaparral/Vulcan/Stinger Platoon Combat Operations. May 1987.
FM 44-43 Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle Platoon and Squad Operations.October 1995.
FM 44-44 Avenger Platoon, Section, and Squad Operations.October 1995.
FM 44-100 US Army Air Defense Operations. November 1988.
FM 55-12 Movement of Units in Air Force Aircraft. November 1989.
FM 63-20 Forward Support Battalion. February 1990.
FM 71-2 The Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force. September 1988.
FM 71-100 Division Operations. June 1990.
FM 90-4 Air Assault Operators. March 1987.
FM 90-7 Combined Arms Obstacle Integration. September 1994.
FM 90-13 River Crossing Operations. September 1992.
FM 90-13-1 Combined Arms Breaching Operations. February 1991.
FM 100-5 Operations. June 1993.
FM 100-7 The Army in Theater Operations. March 1993.
FM 100-9 Reconstitution. January 1992.
FM 100-17 Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobilization. October 1992.
FM 100-19 Domestic Support Operations. July 1993.
FM 100-20 Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict. December 1990.
FM 100-23 Peace Operations. December 1994.
FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations. May 1984.

FM 101-5-1

Operational Terms and Symbols. October 1985.
FM 101-10-1/2 Staff Officer's FM--Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data.Volume I. October 1987.

Joint and Multiservice Publications

JCS Pub 1 Joint Warfare of the US Armed Forces. November 1991.
JCS Pub 3-0 Doctrine for Joint Operations. September 1993.
JCS Pub 4-01.6 Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Joint Logistics-Over-the-Shore. August 1991.
SH 7-176 Infantry Division (Light) Battalion TOE 07015L000.
TB MED 530 Occupational and Environmental Health: Food Service Sanitation.November 1991.


These documents must be available to the intended users of this publication.

DA Form 1155 Witness Statement on Individual. June 1966.
DA Form 1156 Casualty Feeder Report. June 1966.
DA Form 2028 Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms. February 1974.
DA Form 5976 Enemy Prisoner of War Capture Tag. January 1991.

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