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FM 71-3
The Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade



CONOPS begin when the unit is notified to deploy. The division or other higher headquarters of the brigade initiates planning. This planning sequence is called the N-hour sequence.

Note. The following example is for a brigade that is directed to deploy as part of a division alert force. This sequence is developed around the deployment of an initial ready company (IRC) in 18 hours, a division ready force (DRF) in 48 hours, and a division ready brigade (DRB) in 72 hours.
001 N+0 Division receives notification and notifies the appropriate units per SOP. X X X X
002 Division begins to recall and assemble personnel. X X X X
003 Division transportation officer (DTO) establishes liaison with supporting transportation operations agencies. X
004 Provost marshal office is notified to open any needed installation gates.
101 N+1 DRB representative is briefed on available information at the EOC. X X
102 N+1.5 OPSEC and physical security measures are initiated. MI assets conduct an OPSEC and classified information sweep of the EOC and other sensitive areas. X X X X
103 MPs report to brigade EOC. X
201 N+2 Separate battalions activate EOCs and enter the division command net. X
202 Separate battalions activate local security measures for headquarters buildings and motor pools per unit SOP. X
203 DRB S2 identifies required map sheets (scale) and quantities and provides requirements to G2. X X
204 DRB and separate battalions dispatch LO to division EOC. X X
205 DTO/ITO begins coordination for air transportation. X X
206 DTO/ITO coordinates with G3 Ops to evaluate transportation requests and give priority to IRC, DRF, and DRB respectively. X X
207 DTO/ITO initiates preplanned IRC, DRF, and DRB ground transportation requests. Dispatches as required. X X
208 ITO with DTO coordination, commences preplanned pallet distribution to IRC, DRF, and DRB. X X
209 Battalions conduct SAEDA, OPSEC, and safety briefings. Report completion of all subelements to next higher headquarters. X X X X
210 SO designates SOI edition, key materiel, and operations codes. X X
211 IRC personnel draw sensitive items from arms rooms. X
212 IRC personnel install combat filters in protective masks. X
213 IRC barracks personnel wall lockers are banded and signed over to designated personnel. X
214 IRC personnel park their POVs in a POV storage area. X
215 N+2.5 Battalions submit personnel STATREPs to brigade EOC current as of N+2. X X

301 N+3 DISCOM provides two 88M (MOS) and one forklift operator to the IRC commander. X X
302 Units report number of personnel assigned and number signed in. Provide a shortage list, by name. X X X X
401 N+4 N+4 briefing to command group, unit commanders, and principal staff. X X X X
402 Make the following decisions NLT the conclusion of the N+4 briefing with the command group:
  • Are the IRC, DRF and DRB to deploy?
  • Is the div(-) to deploy?
  • What is the CG approved task org?
  • What modes of travel will the DRF, DRB, and div(-) use?
  • Are climate clothing, equipment, or immunizations required?
  • Which division CP package will deploy?
  • Is linguistic support required?
  • Recall TDY, leave, and special duty (SD) personnel?
  • Control local telephone access?
  • What are the LO requirements to higher headquarters?
403 Issue FRAGOs to IRC, DRF, and DRB based on N+4 decisions. X X X
404 Battalions notify brigade EOC of nonessential phone lines to be disconnected. EOC informs DOIM. X X X
405 DOL opens ASPs for issue of Class V and coordinates required support.
406 G3 provides guidance on packing list for contingency area. X
407 N+4.5 Battalions provide SITREP. X X X
408 DRB reviews current unit family assistance plan. X

501 N+5 Transportation reports to DRB for movement of IRC personnel to APOE. X
502 Units pick up SOI packages from respective SOs. X X X X
503 Battalions begin preparation for overseas movement (POM) by exception. Screen 100% of personnel. DRB S1 reports the number of exceptions that need G1/AG, JAG, medical, and finance support. X X X
504 G3/G4 identify vehicles not painted with paint scheme and establishes a priority for painting. X X
505 Battalions identify and forward any supplemental support requirements. X X X
506 DTO/ITO verifies USAF aircraft flow schedule and coordinates any critical times. X X
507 Battalions scheduled to deploy provide brigade EOC with lists of mission essential equipment shortfalls. X X
508 Draw IRC ammunition package and transport to APOE. X X
509 Back-up secure communications for the EOC and the APOE are provided. X X

601 N+6 Review all actions. Complete all N+6 actions and, until ordered, conduct an operational halt, (except the IRC). X X X X
602 Initiate packing of TOE equipment IAW load plans. Report completion to EOC. X X
603 Forward a list of nondeployables by category. X
604 DISCOM and DOL provide the EOC a material readiness report on all float assets.
605 DRB unit movement officer provides DTO a copy of unit movement plans for passengers (PAX) and equipment to deploy by air. X
606 G3/DTO/ITO allocate transportation IAW N+4 decisions to DRF/DRB/DIV(-), to move personnel and equipment with respect to priority. X X
607 DTO/ITO in coordination with DRB, designates transportation to move Class V to staging areas. X X
608 DRB initiates internal cross-leveling of equipment. X
609 Inventory of TA-50 initiated. Units draw shortage items from CIF IAW established SOPs and priorities. Report completion to the EOC. X X X
610 Separate battalions validate movement plans with G3/DTO/ITO. Update unit equipment listing (UEL). X
611 DRB begins coordination for logistic support requirements with DOL and DEH. X
612 D/AACG is operational at APOE. X
613 Medics report to support D/AACG. X
614 PMO provides TCPs for movement of deploying units from the installation to the APOE.

615 N+6.5 Coordinate for turn-in of secret and confidential documents with the DOIM Records Management Support Branch. Coordinate turn-in of top secret documents with the EOC. X
616 Report the number of POVs to store. X
617 Direct cross-leveling of equipment beyond the DRB's capability.
618 Rear detachment requirements and nondeployables identified and assigned to a provisional battalion. X X
619 Draw medical items from division medical support office (DMSO) IAW established SOPs and priorities. X
701 N+7 S2 picks up maps from DMMC. X
702 Begin movement to APOE. Report arrival to EOC. X
801 N+8 IRC enters isolation upon arrival at APOE. X
802 Coordination meeting with DTO, MCO, and IRC commander at APOE. X
803 Conduct current situation update at APOE for the IRC. X
901 N+9 D/AACG liaison commences; inspection begins in the alert holding area as the IRC arrives. X

1001 N+10 Separate battalions provide name, rank, and phone number of rear detachment cdr to the EOC. X
1002 IRC/DRF report all previous tasks completed. X X
1003 MSB load teams and USAF conduct joint inspection and prepare to load IRC pallets and vehicles on aircraft. (Based on arrival times of aircraft.) X
1004 DTO/ITO begin staging rail equipment for movement to SPOE. X X
1005 DRB identifies on-board ship party (OSP). X
1006 DRB commence turn-in of POVs to storage area. Report completion to EOC. X
1007 EOC FWD established at the APOE. X
1201 N+12 G1/AG manifest teams report to EOC FWD at APOE. X
1401 N+14 DRB draws chemical protective clothing and additional contingency items, such as special clothing and supplemental equipment. X
1402 Separate battalions continue packing and initial weighing of center of balance for possible air deployment. Report completion to EOC. X
1501 N+15 IRC organizes personnel in chalk order at the personnel holding area in the APOE. X
1601 N+16 IRC final manifesting of personnel. X
1602 Class VIII supplies and medical personnel for the OSP are identified. X
1701 N+17 IRC personnel and TAT equipment loaded onto aircraft. X

1801 N+18 Wheels up for first IRC deployment aircraft followed by remaining aircraft every 20 minutes. IRC follows outload sequence until completion. X
1802 MEDDAC assumes operational responsibility for troop medical clinics (TMC) upon notification.
1803 Unit status reports (USR) are updated as units deploy. X X
1804 DRB submits departure report and personnel daily summary per division SOP. X
2401 N+24 Logistical coordination meeting with DRF/DRB, S4, G4, DISCOM, DTO, DOL, and DEH on deployment status. X X X
2402 DRF commences preparation of bulk cargo for movement. X
2403 Separate battalions draw basic load of MREs from troop installation support activities (TISA). X
2801 N+28 Class V begins arriving at DRF staging area.
2802 DRF/DRB unit personnel install combat filters in protective masks. X X
2803 Separate battalions submit critical vehicle and equipment shortages required for deployment. X
2804 Manifests prepared. X X X
3001 N+30 DRB requisitions and draws NBC medical items from MEDDAC (for OSP personnel). X
3002 DRB commences loading Class V ammunition and weighing and marking equipment. X
3003 DRF moves to staging area and prepares vehicles for rail movement. X
3201 N+32 NBC items issued to OSP personnel. X
3202 DRF loads Class V. X
3601 N+36 Medics identified to support staging areas and rail sites. X
3602 DRF/DRB wheeled vehicles commence marshaling. X X
3603 DRB reports nondeployables to GS/AG. Nondeployables are reassigned to the provisional battalion. X

4001 N+40 OSP personal items inventoried/receipted. OSP POV turn-in completed. X X
4401 N+44 Separate battalion movement officers establish liaison with PSA and DOL. X
4701 N+47 DRF begins rail loading and roadmarching to the SPOE. X
4801 N+48 Begin DRF rail movement to the SPOE. X
4802 PSA operational at SPOE.
4803 Inventories of personal property consolidated and provided to installation representative. X X
5001 N+50 Units report residual major end items remain under control of the garrison commander. X X
5301 N+53 DRF first rail load arrives at SPOE. (Depends on TDIS of SPOE.) X
5401 N+54 DRF/DRB vehicles commence movement to SPOE staging area. TTU begins receipting for equipment. X X
5801 N+58 OSP personnel depart for SPOE on order. X
5802 DRF/DRB finalize ship and air manifests. X X
6001 N+60 DRF reports personnel ready to move to APOE. X
6501 N+65 DRF stages combat vehicles for loading of first ship. X
7101 N+71 First DRB convoy movement to SPOE begins. X
7201 N+72 First DRB rail movement to SPOE. X

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