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AA assembly area

A2C2 Army airspace command and control

AASLT air assault

AATF air assault task force

AATFC air assault task force commander

AAVN Army aviation

AAWS-M antiarmor weapons system-medium

ABC air battle captain

ABMOC air battle management operations center

AC attack cargo

ACA airspace control authority

ACC air component commander

ACE analysis and control element

ACO airspace control order

ACP air control points; assault command post

ACR armored cavalry regiment

act action

AD air defense

ADA air defense artillery

ADADO assistant division air defense officer

ADAO assistant division aviation officer

ADC area damage control

ADC-O assistant division commander for operations

ADC-S assistant division commander for support

ADE assistant division engineer

admin administrative

ADO air defense officer

ADSO assistant division signal officer

AF Air Force

AFM Air Force Manual

AFP Air Force Publication

AFSCOORD assistant fire support coordinator

AFSO aerial fire support observer

AG adjutant general

AGM attack guidance matrix

AGOS Air-Ground Operations School

AH attack helicopter

AHB attack helicopter battalion

AI air interdiction

aja adjacent

ALO air liaison officer

ALOC air line of communications

alt alternate

AMB/amb air mission brief; ambulance

AMC air mission command

AMLS airspace management liaison section

AMT air movement table

ANGLICO air and naval gunfire liaison company

AO area of operations

AOR area of responsibility

APERS antipersonnel

APR April

AR Army regulation

armd armored

arty artillery

ASCC Air Standardization Coordinating Committee

aslt assault

ASOC air support operations center

ASPS all source production system

AT antitank

ATACMS Army tactical missile system

ATC air traffic control

atchd attached

ATIZ artillery target intelligence zone

atk attack

ATO air tasking order

ATS air traffic service

ATTN attention

AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance aviation

avn aviation

BAE brigade aviation element

BCC battlefield circulation control

BCE battlefield coordination element

BCOC base cluster operations center

BDA battle damage assessment

bde brigade

BDOC base defense operations center

BDZ base defense zone

BFV Bradley fighting vehicle n

BHL battle handover line

bn battalion

BOS battlefield operating system

BP battle position

BSA brigade support area

btl battle

btry battery

C cargo

C2 command and control

C3 command, control, and communications

CA civil affairs; combined arms

C&E communications and electronics

C&J collection and jamming

CAC Combined Arms Center

CAN combat aviation net

CAS close air support

cav cavalry

cbt combat

CBU cluster bomb units

CCIR commander's critical information requirements

CCP circulation control point

cdr commander

CDS container delivery system

CEOI communications electronic operating instructions

CFA covering force area

CFFZ call-for-fire zone

CFL coordinated fire line

CFZ critical friendly zone

CG commanding general

CH cargo helicopter

CHS combat health support (replaces health services support (HSS))

CI civilian internee; counterintelligence

CID Criminal Investigation Division

CINC commander in chief

cmd command

cml chemical

CNR combat net radio

co company

COA course of action

CofS chief of staff

coll collection

COLT combat observation/lasing team

COMINT communications intelligence

CONPLAN contingency plan

coord coordinate

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CPX command post exercise

CRC control and reporting center

CS combat support

CSE combat support equipment

CSG corps support group

CSR controlled supply rate

CSS combat service support

ctr center

(D) draft

DA Department of the Army

D3A decide, detect and track, deliver, and assess

decn decision

decep deception

decon decontamination

DF disposition form

DFAC dining facility

DFSCOORD deputy fire support coordinator

DISCOM division support command

div division

DIVARTY division artillery

DLIC detachment left in contact

DMCC division movement control center

DMMC division materiel management center

DMOC division medical operations center

DNVT digital network voice telephone

DP decision point

DPICM dual-purpose, improved, conventional munitions

DRAGON (a weapons system)

DS direct support

DSA division support area

DST division support template

DTG date-time group

DTO division transportation officer

DZ drop zone

EA electronic attack; engagement area

EAC echelons above corps

ECB echelons corps and below

ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures

ECM electronic countermeasures

ECOA enemy course of action

EEFI essential elements of friendly information

EH electronic helicopter

ELINT electronic intelligence

ELSEC electronic security

engr engineer

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

EP electronic protection

EPB electronic preparation of the battlefield

EPW enemy prisoner of war

equip equipment

ES electronic warfare support

EW electronic warfare

EWL engineer work line

EWO electronic warfare officer

FA field artillery

FAA forward assembly area

FAAD forward area air defense

FAIO field artillery intelligence officer

FARE forward area refueling equipment

FARP forward arming and refueling point

FASCAM family of scatterable mines

FAX facsimile

FCM fire control measures

FDC fire direction center

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FFA free fire area

FFIR friendly forces information requirements

FIST fire support team

FLB forward logistics base

FLE forward logistics element

FLOT forward line of own troops

fm from

FM field manual; frequency modulated

FNS foreign national support

FOB forward operations base

FPF final protection fires

FRAGO fragmentary order

FS fire support

FSB forward support battalion

FSCL fire support coordination line

FSCM fire support coordination measure

FSCOORD fire support coordinator

FSE fire support element

FSO fire support officer

FSSP fuel system supply point

fwd forward

G1 assistant chief of staff, G1 (personnel)

G2 assistant chief of staff, G2 (intelligence)

G3 assistant chief of staff, G3 (operations and plans)

G4 assistant chief of staff, G4 (logistics)

G5 assistant chief of staff, G5 (civil affairs)

gp group

GPS global positioning system

GS general support

GS-R general support-reinforcing

GSR ground surveillance radar

GTC ground tactical commander

HE high explosive

hel helicopter

HHB headquarters and headquarters battery

HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HHSC headquarters and headquarters support company

HIDACZ high-density airspace control zone

HIMAD high-to medium-altitude air defense

HMMWV high-mobility, multipurpose, wheeled vehicle

HN host nation

how (T) howitzer (towed)

HPT high-payoff target

HPTL high-payoff target list

HQ headquarters

HUMINT human intelligence

HVT high-value target

I&S intelligence and surveillance

ICM improved conventional munitions

ID identification

ID (L) infantry division (light)

IEW intelligence and electronic warfare

IEWSE intelligence and electronic warfare support element

IMINT imagery intelligence

inf infantry

info information

intel intelligence

IP initial point

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPW interrogation of prisoners of war

IR information requirements

ISB intermediate staging base

JAAT joint air attack team

JFACC joint force air component commander; joint force air coordination center

JOC joint operations center

JP joint publication

JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defense

JSTARS joint surveillance, target attack radar system

JTF joint task force

km kilometer

KS Kansas

L light

laager a camp with a defensive barrier

LAB logistics assault base

LAPES low-altitude parachute extraction system

LBE load-bearing equipment

LC line of contact

LD line of departure

LEC law enforcement command

LLTR low-level transit route

LLVI low-level voice intercept

LO liaison officer

LOA logistics operations area

LOB lines of bearing

LOC lines of communication

LOGPAC logistics package

LOGSEC logistics security

LOS line of sight; lines of supply

LP listening post

LRS long-range surveillance

LRSD long-range surveillance detachment

LRST long-range surveillance team

LT light

LTACFIRE lightweight tactical fire direction system

LZ landing zone

M mechanized

maint maintenance

MANPAD man- portable air defense

MASH mobile army surgical hospital

MBA main battle area

MCO movement control officer

MCOO modified combined obstacle overlay

MCS maneuver control system

mdm medium

mech mechanized

med medical

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

MI military intelligence

MIJI meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference

MLRS multiple- launch rocket system

mm millimeter

MMC materiel management center

MOPP mission-oriented protective posture

mort mortar

MOS military occupational specialty

MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain

MP military police

mph miles per hour

MRB motorized rifle battalion

MRR minimum-risk route; motorized rifle regiment

M/S mobility/survivability

MSB main support battalion

MSC major subordinate command

MSE mobile subscriber equipment

MSR main supply route

MTF medical treatment facility

mvr maneuver

N/A not applicable

NAI named area of interest

NALE naval aviation liaison element

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

nav navigation

NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical

NCA National Command Authority

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCS net control station

NEO noncombatant evacuation operation

NET new equipment training

NFA no fire area

NGF naval gun fire

NLT not later than

no. number

NOE nap-of-earth

NVD night vision device

obj objective

OCOKA observation and fields of fire, cover and concealment, obstacles, key terrain, avenues of approach

OFA obstacle-free area

OH observation helicopter

OIC officer in charge

O/O on order

OOTW operations other than war

OP observation post; operation(s)

OPCON operational control

OPLAN operation plan

OPORD operation order

OPSEC operations security

OPTEMPO operational tempo

ORA obstacle-restricted area

PIR priority intelligence requirement

PIREP pilot report

PL phase line

plt platoon

PM provost marshal

POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants

pos position

PP passage point

preps prepares

PSYOP psychological operations

pt(s) point(s)

PZ pick-up zone

Quick Fire (radio net established by HQ to receive priority fires)

Quick Fix (tactical heliborne communications intercept, direction finding, ECM system)

R reinforcing; reserve

RAG regimental artillery group

R&S reconnaissance and security

RAA rear assembly area

RAP rocket-assisted projectile

RECCE (reconnaissance aircraft mission (USAF))

recon reconnaissance

REMBASS remotely monitored battlefield sensor system

res reserve

RFA restrictive fire area

RFL restrictive fire line

RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition

ROE rules of engagement

ROZ restricted operations zone

RP release point

RPV remotely piloted vehicle

RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

rt route

(S) secret

S1 adjutant

S2 intelligence officer

S3 operations and training officer

S4 supply officer

S5 civil affairs officer

SAAFR standard-use Army aircraft flight route

SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses

sec section

SICPS standardized integrated command post system

sig signal

SIGINT signal intelligence

SITREP situation report

SJA staff judge advocate

smk smoke

SO signal officer; signal operations

SOCCE special operations command and control elements

SOF special operations forces

SOI signal operation instructions

SOP standing operating procedure

SOR specific orders and requests

SP self-propelled, start point

SPOTREP spot report

spt support

sqd squad

sqdn squadron

SR supply route

STATREP status report

STON short ton

SUPPT supply point

T towed; ton

TA transmission analysis

TAA tactical assembly area

tac tactical

TACAIR tactical air

TACC tactical air control center

TACFIRE tactical tire direction system

TACON tactical control

TACP tactical air control party

TACSAT tactical satellite

TAD target acquisition detachment

TAF tactical air force

TAI target area of interest

TALO tactical airlift liaison officer

TAR tactical air reconnaissance

TCF tactical combat force

TCP traffic control point

TDA target damage assessment

TE threat evaluation

TF task force

tgt target

THREATCON threat condition

TI theat integration

TLP troop-leading procedure

tm team

tn train

TOC tactical operations center

TOE table of organization and equipment

topo topography

TOT time on target

TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided, heavy antitank missile system

TRADOC US Army Training and Doctrine Command

trk truck

TRP target reference point

TSOP tactical standing operating procedure

TSS target selection standard

TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures

TVA target-value analysis

(U) unclassified

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

UBL unit basic load

UH utility helicopter

UN United Nations

US/U.S. United States

USA United States Army

USAF United States Air Force

USMC United States Marine Corps

USN United States Navy

UW unconventional warfare

V/S Vulcan/Stinger

w/ with

W wheeled

WFZ weapons-free zone

WCS weapons control status

WO warning order

WWI World War I

WWII World War II

WX weather

XO executive officer


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