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A2           Army airspace
ABCCC        airborne battlefield command and control center
ACA          airspect coordination area
ACC          area coordination center
ADA          air defense artillery
ADL          armistice demarcation line
ADP          automatic data processing
AFSOC        Air Force Special Operations Command
AI           air interdiction
ALO          air liaison officer
AM           amplitude modulation
ANGLICO      air and naval gunfire liaison company
AO           area of operation
AOR          area of responsibility
ASD/ISA      Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security
ASL          authorized stockage list
AUTODIN      automatic digital network
AUTOSEVOCOM  automatic secure voice communications
AUTOVON      automatic voice network

BAI battlefield air interdiction BDAR battle damage assessment and repair BDE base defensive effort BDF base defensive force BDU battledress uniform BFV Bradley fighting vehicle BMNT beginning morning nautical twilight BSA brigade support area

C2 command and control C2SRS command and control strength reporting system C3 command, control, and communications C3CM command, control, communications countermeasures CA civil affairs CAS close air support CE communications-electronics CIA Central Intelligence Agency CINC Commander in Chief CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff CNR combat net radio COA course of action COIN counterinsurgency COMSEC communications security CONPLAN concept of the operation plan CONUS continental United States CP command post CS a chemical gas; combat support CSS combat service support

DAO Defense Attache Office DCA defense counter air DCS defense communications system DF direction-finding DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DISCOM division support command DOD Department of Defense DS direct support DTS data transfer system DZ drop zone

ECM electronic countermeasures ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures E&E escape and evade EENT end evening nautical twilight EOD explosive ordnance disposal EPW enemy prisoner of war ESM electronic warfare support measures EW electronic warfare

FA field artillery FAC forward air controller FAO foreign area officer FASCAM family of scatterable mines FAX facsimile FDC fire direction center FIDAF foreign internal defense augmentation force FID foreign internal defense FIST fire support team FM field manual; frequency modulation FMS foreign military sales FO forward observer FRAGO fragmentary order FSCM fire support coordination measures FSCOORD fire support coordinator FSE fire support element FSO fire support officer

G2 Assistant Chief of Staff (Intelligence) GS general support GSR ground surveillance radar

HC a chemical smoke HF high frequency HHC headquarters and headquarters company HNS host nation support HPT high-payoff target HUMINT human intelligence HVT high-value target

IAW in accordance with ICS intercommunications system IDAD Internal Defense and Development IED improvised explosive device IEW intelligence and electronic warfare IHFR improved high frequency radio II imagery interpretation IMINT imagery intelligence IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield IR information requirements ITU International Telecommunications Union

J3 operations directorate JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff JDS joint deployment system JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defense JSOTF joint special operations task force JTF joint task force

KIA killed in action

LAW light antitank weapon LCE load-carrying equipment LIC low-intensity conflict LOC lines of communication LOGCAP logistical civil augmentation program LOS line of sight LRRP long-range reconnaissance patrol LRSU long-range surveillance unit LRU less-than-release unit LUP linkup point LZ landing zone

MAAG Military Assistance Advisory Group MANPADS man-portable air defense system MASINT measurement and signature intelligence MAP military assistance program MCHAN multichannel METT-T mission, enemy terrain (and weather), troops and time available MFO multinational force and observers MHz megahertz MI military intelligence MILGP military group mm millimeter MNF multinational force MOPP mission-oriented protective posture MP military police MRE meal, ready-to-eat MSE mobile subscriber-equipment MSR main supply route

NAAK nerve-agent antidote kit NAI named areas of interest NATO North Atlanta Treaty Organization NBC nuclear, biological, chemical NCA national command authority NCO noncommissioned officer NEO noncombatant evacuation order NGF naval gunfire NIC National Intelligence Center NLOS non line of sight NOD night observation device NPCC National Production Control Center

OBJ objective OCONUS outside continental United States OJT on-the-job training OP observation post OPCON operational control OPFOR opposing force OPLAN operation plan OPORD operation order OPSEC operations security ORP objective rally point OSB operational support base

PAO public affairs office PCM pulse code modulation PCO peacetime contingency operation PHOTOINT photo intelligence PIR priority intelligence requirement(s) PKO peacekeeping operation PLL prescribed load list POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants P&RC population and resources control PSYOP psychological operations PW prisoner of war

RATT radio teletypewriter RCA riot-control agent RF radio frequency. RFL restrictive fire line RIC Regional Intelligence Center RIF reconnaissance in force ROE rules of engagement rpm revolutions per minute R&S reconnaissance and surveillance RSL reconnaissance and security line RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

S1 adjutant S2 intelligence officer S3 operations and training officer S4 supply officer S5 civil affairs officer SATCOM satellite communications SECDEF Secretary of Defense SECOMP secure en route communications package SIGINT signal intelligence SIGSEC signal security SINCGARS single-channel ground and airborne radio subsystem SITMAP situational map SJA staff judge advocate SOC special operations command SOI signal operation instructions SOF special operations force SOFA status of forces agreement SOP standing operating procedure SP start point SSB single side band

TACSAT tactical satellite TACFIRE tactical fire TACP tactical air control party TAI target(ed) areas of interest TC training circular TC&D tactical cover and deception TDA table of distribution and allowances TECINT threat equipment, captured, intelligence TF task force TLE target location error TOC tactical operations center TOE table of organization and equipment TOR terms of reference TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided missile TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures TVA target value analysis

UHF ultra high frequency UN United Nations UNDOF United Nations Disengagement Observer Forces UNEF United Nations Emergency Forces US United States USAF United States Air Force USAID United States assistance and internal development USIA United States Information Agency USMC United States Marine Corps USN United States Navy UNIFIL United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon UW unconventional warfare

VHF very high frequency VIP very important person

WP white phosphorus WWMCCS worldwide military command and control system

XO executive officer

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