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A2C2 Army airspace command and control

AA assembly area

AAA antiaircraft aritillery

AAAD all arms for air defense

AACG arrival airfield control group

AAR after-action review

ABC air battle captain

ABCCC airborne battlefield command and control center

ACA airspace coordination area

ACE armored combat earthmover

ACL allowable cargo load

ACP air control point

ADA air defense artillery

ADAM area denial artillery munition (antipersonnel)

ADC area damage control

ADM atomic demolition munition

admin/log administrative/logistics

ADO air defense officer

AF Air Force (United States)

AG Adjutant General

AGL above ground level

AH attack helicopter

aj antijamming

ALO air liaison officer

alt alternate

AM amplitude modulated

AMC (United States) Army Materiel Command

ANGLICO air and naval gunfire liaison company

ANCO Advanced Noncommissioned Officers' Course

AO area of operations

AP armor-piercing

APC armored personnel carrier

APDS armor-piercing discarding sabot

APFSDS armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot

API armor-piercing incediary

AR armor

ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program

aslt assault

ASOC air support operations center

ASP ammunition supply point

at antitank

ATGM antitank guided missile

atk attack

ATM advanced trauma management

ATP ammunition transfer point

auth authorized

AVLB armored vehicle-launched bridge

avn aviation

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

AXP ambulance exchange point

az azimuth

BAE battlefield area evaluation

BAI battlefield air interdiction

BAS battalion aid station

BDA battle damage assessment

BDAR battle damage assessment and repair

BFV Bradley fighting vehicle

BHL battle handover line

BHO battle handover

BICC battalion information control center

BMNT beginning morning nautical twilight

BMO battalion motor officer

BMP a Threat fighting vehicle

BMS battalion motor sergeant

BMT battalion maintenance technician

BNCOC Basic Noncommissioned Officers' Course

BOMREP bombing report

BOS battlefield operating system

BP battle position

BSA brigade support area

BTR a Threat personnel carrier

btry battery

C2 command and control

C3 command, control, and communications

C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence

CA counter air

CARP computed air release point

CAS close air support

CAT control and assessment team

catk counterattack

cav cavalry

cbt combat

CBU cluster bomb unit

CCP communications checkpoint

CCT combat control team

CEV combat engineer vehicle

CF command fire

CFL coordinated fire line

cGy centigray

cGyph centigray per hour

chem chemical

CI command information

CLGP cannon-launch guided projectile

CLOS command line of sight

cm centimeter

cmd command

CMO civil-military operations

co company

CO commanding officer

COA course of action

COC chain of command

COLT combat observation and lasing team

comm communication

COMMEX communications exercise

COMSEC communications security

con control

conc concentration

coord coordination

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CPX command post exercise

CRP a Threat combat reconnaissance patrol

CS combat support

CSM Command Sergeant Major

CSR controlled supply rate

CSS combat service support

CTF collective training facility

CW continuous wave

dest destroy

det detonation (as in detonation cord)

DEW directed-energy weapons(s)

DF direction finding

DISCOM division support command

div division

DLIC detachment left in contact

DMD digital message device

DMDG digital message device group

DOA dead on arrival

DOD Department of Defense

DODAC Department of Defense ammunition code

Doppler of or relating to Doppler radar

DP decision point(s)

DPICM dual-purpose improved conventional munition

DS direct support

DSN Defense Switched Network

DST decision support template

DTG date-time group

DZ drop zone

DZST drop zone support team

ea each

EA engagement area

ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures

ECM electronic countermeasures

EENT end-of-evening nautical twilight

ELINT electronic intelligence

ELSEC electronic security

EM enlisted members

EMP electromagnetic pulse

EMT emergency medical treatment

engr engineer

EPLRS enhanced position-location reporting system

EPUU enhanced PLRS user unit

EPW enemy prisoner of war

ESM electronic warfare support measures

ETA estimated time of arrival

EW electronic warfare

EZ extraction zone

1SG first sergeant

FA field artillery

FAC forward air controller

FASCAM family of scatterable mines

FASCO Forward Area Support Coordination Officer

FAST forward area support team

fax facsimile

FCL fire coordination line

FCT firepower control team

FD fire direction

FDC fire direction center

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FFA free fire area

FFAR free-flight aerial rocket(s)

FID Foreign Internal Defense

FIST fire support team

fld field

FLOT forward line of own troops

FM field manual, frequency modulated

FMC field medial card

FO forward observer

FPF final protective fires

FPL final protective lines

FRAGO fragmentary order

FS fire support

FSA fire support area

FSB forward support battalions

FSC fire support coordination

FSCC fire support coordination center

FSC fire support coordination line

FSCOORD fire support coordinator

FSE fire support element

FSO fire support officer

FSS fire support section

ft feet

G2 Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)

G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)

GATOR (a mine delivered by fixed-wing aircraft)

GEMSS ground-emplaced mine-scattering system

GHz gigahertz

GL grenade launcher

GLLD ground laser locator designator

gp group

GP general purpose

GPS global positioning system

GS general support

GSA General Services Administration

GSR ground surveillance radar

GZ ground zero

HB (a PSYOP loudspeaker team)

HC hexachloroethane

HE high explosive

HEAT high-explosive antitank

HEDP high-explosive dual-purpose

HEI-T high-explosive incendiary--tracer

HEMTT heavy expanded-mobility tractical truck

HEP high-explosive plastic

HF high frequency

HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HIMS HMMWV Interchangeable Mount System

HMMWV high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HQ headquarters

hr hour

HSS health service support

HUMINT human intelligence

IAW in accordance with

ICM improved conventional munitions

IDAD internal defense and development

IED imitative electronic deception

IEW intelligence and electronic warfare

IHFR improved high frequency radio

IG inspector general

IHF improved high frequency

illum illumination

IMC initial manifest call

IMINT imagery intelligence

in inch(es)

IN Infantry

INS inertial navigation system

INTSUM intelligence summary

IP initial point

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPW prisoner of war interrogation

IR information requirements

ISB intermediate staging base

IV intravenous

JAAT joint air attack team

JAG judge advocate general

JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses

JM jumpmaster

KIA killed in action

km kilometer(s)

kw kilowatt(s)

LAPES low-altitude parachute extraction system

LAW light antitank weapon

lb pound(s)

LBE load-bearing equipment

LC line of contact

LD line of departure

LDF light-weight digital facsimile

ldr leader

LIC low-intensity conflict

LLLTV low-light level television

LLVI low-level voice intercept

LO liaison officer

LOA line of advance

LOC lines of communication

log logistics

LOGPAC logistics package

LOGSTAT logistical status

LORAN long-range navigation

LOS line of sight

LRP logistical release point

lt light

LTD laser target designator

LZ landing zone

m meter(s)

MAC maintenance allocation chart

MANPADS man-portable air defense system

MBA main battle area

MC Marine Corps (United States)

MCP maintenance collection point

mech mechanized

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

METL mission-essential task list

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

MFAT (a minefield seeded with RAAM mines)

MFGM (a minefield of mixed antitank and antipersonnel mines emplaced by the GEMSS)

MFH (a minefield containing M56 mines)

MFJ (a minefield laid in the standard minefield pattern)

MFM (a minefield laid by the MOPMS)

mg machinegun

MHE materiels-handling equipment

MHz megahertz

MI military intelligence

MIA mission in action

MICLI mine-clearing line charge

MIJI meaconing, intrusion, jamming and interference

MILES multiple-integrated laser engagement system

MILPO military personnel office(s)

min minute(s)

misc miscellaneous

MKT mobile kitchen trailer

ML moonlight

MLC minimum load configuration

MLRS multiple-launch rocket system

mm millimeter(s)

MOGAS motor gasoline

MOPMS modular-packed mine system

MOPP Mission-oriented protective posture

MORTREP mortar bombing report

MOS military occupational specialty

MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain

MP military police

mph miles per hour

mps meters per second

MPSM multipurpose service munition

MRB motorized rifle battalion

MRE meal, ready-to-eat

MSB mains support battalion

MSC Medical Service Corps

MSE mobile subscriber equipment

MSG master sergeant

MSR main supply route

MSRT mobile subscriber radio telephone

MST maintenance support team

MTOE modified table of organization and equipment

N Navy (United States)

NAI named areas of interest

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NCS net control station

NFA no-fire area

NGF naval gunfire

NGLO naval gunfire liaison officer

no number

NOE nap-of-the-earth

NOK next of kin

NRI net radio interface

nuc nuclear

NUCWARN nuclear warning

NVD night vision device

NVG night vision goggles

O&I operations and intelligence

OB order of battle

obj objective

OCOKA five military aspects of terrain: obstacles, avenues of approach,

key terrain, observation and fields of fire, and cover and concealment

OEG operational exposure guide

off officer

OIC officer in charge (of)

O/O on order

OP observation post

OPCON operational control

OPLAN operation plan

OPORD operation order

OPSEC operations security

OPSKED operational schedule

ord ordnance

org organization

ORP objective rally point

OTAR over-the-air rekeying

PA physician's assistant

PAC personnel and administration center

PADS position and azimuth determining system

PAO public affairs officer

PD point of departure

PDM pursuit-deterrent munitions

PDS personnel daily summary

PDY present for duty

pers personnel

PERSTATREP personnel status report

PEWS platoon early warning system

PIP product-improvement program

PIR priority intelligence requirement

PL phase line

PLD probable line of deployment

PLL prescribed load list

plt platoon

PM preventive maintenance

PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services

POF priority of fire

POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants

POS/NAV position/navigation

PP passage point

PRR personnel requirements report

PSC Personnel Service Company

psn position

PSNCO personnel staff noncommisioned officer

PSS personnel service support

PSYOP psychological operations

PW prisoner of war

PWP plasticized white phosphorus

PZ pickup zone

QSS quick supply store

R&S reconnaissance and surveillance

RAAMS remote antiarmor mine system

RAG regimental artillery group

RAP rear area protection

RATELO radiotelephone operator

RATT radio teletypewriter

RCLR recoilless rifle

rd round

recon reconnaissance

REDCON readiness condition

REM roentgen equivalent man/mammal

REMAB remote marshaling base

REMS remotely employed sensor

rep representative

repl replacement

req required

res reserve(s)

RES radiation exposure status

RF radio frequency

RFA restrictive fire area

RFI radio frequency interference

RFL restrictive fire line

RHA rolled homogeneous armor

RIF reconnaissance in force

ROE Rules of Engagement

RP release point (ground traffic)

RPG rocket-propelled grenade

RPM revolutions per minute

RS radiation status

RSR required supply rate

rte route

RV radius of vulnerability

RWI radio wire integration

S1 Adjutant

S2 Intelligence Officer

S3 Operations and Training Officer

S3 air assistant, S3, air operations

S4 Supply Officer

SACLOS semiactive command line of sight

SALT supporting arms liaison team

SAM surface-to-air missile

SAMS Standard Army Maintenance System

SAR search and rescue

SARS Standard Army Retail Supply System

SAT sustained airborne training

SATCOM satellite communication(s)

SBF support by fire

sct scout

SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses

sec section

SEE small emplacement excavator

SF Special Forces

SIDPERS Standard Installation/Division Personnel System

SIGNIT signals intelligence

SIGSEC signals security

SINCGARS single channel ground and airborne radio system

SITMAP situation map

SITREP situation report

SJA Staff Judge Advocate

SL starlight

SOC special operations command

SOCCE special operations command and control element

SOF special operations forces

SOI signal operations instructions

SOP standing operating procedure

SOSR suppression, obscuration, security, and reduction

SP start point

spt support

sqd squad

SR sunrise

SSB single side band

STANAG Standardization Agreement

STP soldier's training publication

STRIKWARN strike warning

T&E traversing and elevating

tac tactical

TAC Tactical Air Command

TACAIR tactical air

TACAN tactical air navigation

TACC tactical air control center

TACCS Tactical Army Combat Service Support (CSS) Computer System

TACFIRE tactical fire direction system

TACP tactical air control party

TACSAT tactical satellite

TACSATCOM tactical satellite communications

TAI target areas of interest

TAMMS The Army Maintenance Management System

TAR tactical air reconnaissance

TASE Tactical Air Support Element

TBA to be activated

TBD to be determined

TC track commander

TCF tactical combat force

TEK traffic encryption key

temp temperature

TF task force

TFW (United States Air Force) tactical fighter wing

tgt target

TI technical inspection

TIC troops in contact

TIRP terrain index reference point

TIRS terrain index reference system

TLP troop-leading procedure

tm team

TOC tactical operations center

TOE table(s) of organization and equipment

TOT time on target (artillery support)

TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided (refers to a missile)

TPU tank and pump unit

TR transportation request

TRP target reference point

TSC training support center

TSOP tactical standing operating procedure

TSR tactical surveillance and reconnaissance

TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures

UH utility helicopter

UHF ultra high frequency

ULC unit-level computer

ULLS unit-level logistics system

UMCP unit maintenance collection point

UMT unit ministry team

UPS United Parcel Service

USN United States Navy

UTM universal transverse mercator (grid)

VHF very high frequency

vic in the vicinity of

VIP very important person

VOR VHF omnidirectional range

VT variable time

VTOL vertical take-off/landing

WCS weapons control status

WFOV wide field of view

WO warning order

WP white phosphorus

wpn weapon

WSO Weapons System Officer

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