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Related publications are sources of additional information. They are not required in order to understand this publication.

Army Regulations (AR)

AR 1-35 Basic Policies and Principles for Interservice, Interdepartmental, and Interagency Support

AR 5-2 Comptroller/Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource ManagementDirector Resource Management (Comptroller/DCSRM/DRM) in the DA Field Establishment

AR 5-8 Host-Supported Activity Relationships (Intraservice)

AR 11-14 Logistic Readiness

AR 11-28 Economic Analysis and Program Evaluation for Resource Management

AR 18-1 Army Automation Management

AR 18-3 Automatic Data Processing Management Information System

AR 75-15 Responsibilities and Procedures for Explosive Ordnance Disposal

AR 220-58 Organization and Training for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense

AR 310-25 Dictionary of United States Army Terms

AR 310-50 Catalog of Abbreviations and Brevity Codes (Microfiche)

AR 530-1 Operations Security (OPSEC)

AR 570-2 Organization and Equipment Authorization Tables: Personnel

AR 710-2 Supply Policy Below the Wholesale Level

AR 710-3 Asset and Transaction Reporting System

AR 725-50 Requisitioning, Receipt, and Issue System

AR 735-11 Accounting for Lost, Damaged, and Destroyed Property

AR 740-32 Responsibilities for Technical Escort of Dangerous Materials

AR 750-1 Army Materiel Maintenance Concepts and Policies

Field Manuals (FM)

FM 3-12 Operational Aspects of Radiological Defense

FM 3-87 Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Reconnaissance and Decontamination Operations

FM 8-10 Health Service Support in a Theater of Operations

FM 9-6 Ammunition Service in the Theater of Operations

FM 9-15 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service and Unit Operations

FM 9-38 Conventional Ammunition Unit Operations

FM 9-59 Unit Operations for Support of Missile and Air Defense Gun Systems

FM 10-63 Handling of Deceased Personnel in Theaters of Operations

FM 10-67 Petroleum Supply in Theaters of Operations

FM 10-267 General Repair for Clothing and Textiles

FM 10-280 Field Laundry Clothing Exchange and Bath Operations

FM 10-286 Identification of Deceased Personnel

FM 11-23 Theater Communications Command (Army)

FM 12-3-3 Corps Level Personnel and Administrative Doctrine

FM 12-3-4 Echelons Above Corps (EAC) Personnel and Administrative Doctrine

FM 14-6 Comptroller/Finance Services in Theaters of Operations

FM 14-7 Finance Operations

FM 19-1 Military Police Support for the AirLand Battle

FM 19-4 Military Police Combat Support, Theater of Operations

FM 19-40 Enemy Prisoners of War, Civilian Internees and Detained Persons

FM 21-40 NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Defense

FM 24-17 Tactical Communications Center Operations

FM 24-22 Communications-Electronics Management System (CEMS)

FM 29-23 Direct Support Maintenance Operations (Nondivisional)

FM 29-24 General Support Maintenance Operations

FM 29-50 Direct Support Supply and Field Services

FM 29-114 Field Service Company, General Support, Forward

FM 29-118 General Supply Company, General Support

FM 29-127 Heavy Materiel Supply Company

FM 29-146 Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Supply and Service Battalion

FM 29-147 Supply and Service Company, Direct Support

FM 38-725 Direct Support System (Management and Procedures)

FM 41-10 Civil Affairs Operation

FM 55-1 Army Transportation Services in a Theater of Operations

FM 55-10 Army Movement Management Units and Procedures

FM 55-30 Army Motor Transport Units and Operations

FM 55-41 Aircraft Organizational Maintenance Management

FM 63-3 Combat Service Support Operations - Corps

FM 100-5 Operations

FM 100-10 Combat Service Support

FM 100-15 Corps Operations

FM 101-5 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Staff Organization and Procedure

FM 101-10-1 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Organizational, Technical, and Logistic Data (Unclassified Data)

FM 101-10-2 Staff Officers' Field Manual: Organizational, Technical, and Logistical Data Extracts of Nondivisional Tables of Organization and Equipment

Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA Pam)

DA Pam 310-1 Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms (Microfiche)

Technical Manuals (TM)

TM 38-750 The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS)

TM 38-750-1 The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Field Command Procedures

Standardization Agreements (STANAG)*

STANAG 2002 Warning Signs for the Marking of Contaminated or Dangerous Land Areas, Complete Equipments, Supplies and Stores

STANAG 2010 Military Load Classification Markings

*Source of Procurement: STANAGs are available for DOD users from Naval Publications and Forms Center, 5801 Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120. (DD Form 1425 may be used to requisition documents.)

STANAG 2014 Operation Orders, Warning Orders and Administrative/Logistics Orders

STANAG 2019 Military Symbols

STANAG 2022 Intelligence Reports

STANAG 2023 Marking of Military Cargo for International Movement by All International Means of Transport

STANAG 2034 Ammunition Supply Procedure

STANAG 2041 Operation Orders, Tables and Graphs for Road Movement

STANAG 2047 Emergency Alarms of Hazard or Attack (NBC and Air Attack Only)

STANAG 2067 Control and Return of Stragglers

STANAG 2070 Emergency War Burial Procedures

STANAG 2077 Order of Battle (Non-NATO Ground Forces)

STANAG 2079 Rear Area Security and Rear Area Damage Control

STANAG 2084 Handling and Reporting of Captured Enemy Equipment and Documents

STANAG 2085 NATO Combined Military Police

STANAG 2087 Medical Employment of Air Transport in the Forward Area

STANAG 2091 Population Movement Control

STANAG 2101 Principles and Procedures for Establishing Liaison

STANAG 2103 Reporting Nuclear Detonations, Radioactive Fallout and Biological and Chemical Attacks and Predicting Associated Hazards

STANAG 2104 Friendly Nuclear Strike Warning

STANAG 2109 Postal Organization for the NATO Armed Forces in Wartime

STANAG 2112 Radiological Survey

STANAG 2113 Destruction of Military Technical Equipment

STANAG 2115 Fuel Consumption Unit

STANAG 2128 Medical and Dental Supply Procedures

STANAG 2133 Vulnerability Assessment of Chemical and Biological Hazards

STANAG 2135 Procedures for Emergency Logistic Assistance

STANAG 2143 Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance/Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOR/EOD)

STANAG 2150 NATO Standards of Proficiency for NBC Defense

STANAG 2154 Regulations for Military Motor Vehicle Movement by Road

STANAG 2155 Road Movement Documents

STANAG 2156 Surface Transport Request and Reply to Surface Transport Request

STANAG 2159 Identification of Movement Control and Traffic Control Personnel and Agencies

STANAG 2165 Forecast Movement Requirements - Rail, Road and Inland Waterways

STANAG 2353 Evaluation of NBC Defense Capabilities

STANAG 2361 Minimum Essential Medical Supply Items in Theaters of Operations

STANAG 2500 NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of NBC Defensive Operations

STANAG 2827 Materials Handling in the Field

STANAG 2828 Military Pallets, Packages and Containers

STANAG 2829 Materiels Handling Equipment

STANAG 2832 Restrictions for the Transport of Military Equipment by Rail on European Railways

STANAG 2834 The Operation of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Information Center (EODTIC)

STANAG 2873 Concept of Operations of Medical Support in NBC Environments

STANAG 2879 Principles of Medical Policy in the Management of a Mass Casualty Situation

STANAG 2885 Procedures for the Treatment, Acceptability and Provision of Potable Water in the Field

STANAG 2889 Marking of Hazardous Areas and Routes Through Them

STANAG 2924 POL Handling in the Field

STANAG 2925 Military Pallets, Packages and Containers for Ammunition

STANAG 2926 Procedures for the Containerization of Military Supplies

STANAG 2928 Land Forces Ammunition Interchangeability Catalog (AOP-6)

STANAG 2937 Standardization of Combat Rations

STANAG 2938 Transport of Military Ammunition and Explosives by Road

STANAG 2959 Handling of Casualties in a Chemical Environment

STANAG 2961 Classes of Supply

STANAG 2967 Logistic Reporting Format

STANAG 3093 NATO Air Transport Request and Answer to Air Transport Request (NARAT and TRANSAR)

STANAG 3149 Minimum Quality Surveillance of Petroleum Products

STANAG 3204 Aeromedical Evacuation

STANAG 3345 Data/Forms for Planning Air Movements

STANAG 3466 Responsibilities of Air Transport Units and User Units in the Loading and Unloading of Transport Aircraft in Tactical Air Transport Operations

STANAG 3468 The Rules, Operating Responsibilities and Procedures for the Transport of Cargo by Helicopters

STANAG 3543 Air Transport Cargo/Passenger Handling Systems - Request for Information

STANAG 3572 Exchange of Information on Tactical Air Transport Operations

STANAG 3680 NATO GlossaryGlossary of Terms and Definitions for Military Use (AAP-6)

STANAG 3756 Facilities and Equipment for Receipt and Delivery of Liquid Fuels

STANAG 3854 Policies and Procedures Governing the Air Transportation of DangerousCargo

Joint Chiefs of Staff Publications (JCS Pub)

JCS Pub 1 Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

JCS Pub 2 (O) Unified Action Armed Forces (UNAAF)


Projected publications are sources of additional information that are scheduled for printing but not yet available. Upon print, they will be distributed automatically via pinpoint distribution and will not be available for requisition from USA AG Publications Center, Baltimore, MD, until indexed in DA Pamphlet 310-1.

Field Manuals (FM)

FM 10-400 Quartermaster Airdrop and Airdrop Equipment Support Units

FM 42-119 Repair Parts Supply Company, General Support, Corps and COMMZ

FM 46-1 Public Affairs Operations

FM 63-5 Combat Service Support Operations - Theater Army

FM 90-14 Rear Area Protection (RAP) Operations

FM 100-2-1 Soviet Army Operations and Tactics

FM 100-2-2 Soviet Army Specialized Warfare and Rear Area Support

FM 100-2-3 Soviet Army Organization and Equipment

FM 100-16 Support Operations: Echelons Above Corps

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