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A air
A2C2 Army airspace command and control
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service
AB aviation brigade
acft aircraft
ADA air defense artillery
ADC area damage control
ADC-S assistant division commander -support
ADP automatic data processing
AF US Air Force
AFMIS Army Food Management Information System
AH attack helicopter
AHB assault helicopter battalion
AHC assault helicopter company
ALOC air lines of communication
ALOG aviation logistics
AMC aviation maintenance company
AO area of operations
AR Army regulation
ARI Aviation Restructuring Initiative
armt armament
ASB aviation support battalion
ASL authorized stockage list
ASP ammunition supply point
ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System
atk attack
atk hel rep sec attack helicopter repair section
ATP ammunition transfer point
AV avionics
AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance
avn aviation
AVUM aviation unit maintenance
AXP ambulance exchange point
BAS battalion aid station
BCOC base cluster operations center
BDA battlefield damage assessment
BDAR battlefield damage assessment and repair
bde brigade
BDOC base defense operations center
BDR battle damage repair
bn battalion
BSA brigade support area
C-E communications-electronics
C2 command and control
C3 command, control, and communications
cav cavalry
cav sys rep sec cavalry system repair section
CBSX Continued Balance System--Expanded
cbt combat
CCI controlled cryptographic items
CCL combat-configured load
CCS2 command, control, and subordinate system structure
cdr commander
CEB clothing exchange and bath
cl class
cmd command
CMMC corps materiel management center
CNR combat net radio
co company
comm communications
COMSEC communications security
con control
COSCOM corps support command
CP command post
CS combat suppport
CSA corps storage area
CSM command sergeant major
CSR controlled supply rate
CSS combat service support
CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System
CSST cavalry system support team
CTA common table of allowances
DAO division air officer
DISCOM division support command
DMMC division materiel management center
DMOC division medical operations center
DNVT digital, nonsecure voice telephone
DOD Department of Defense
DODAC department of defense ammunition code
DS direct support
DSA division support area
DTO division transportation officer
DZ drop zone
EAC echelons above corps
EAD echelons above division
elec electrical
elect electronics
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EODCT explosive ordnance disposal control team
EPW enemy prisoner of war
equip equipment
FARP forward area rearm/refuel point
FC flight control
fld field
FLOT forward line of troops
flt flight
FR/RT forward repair/recovery team
FRAGO fragmentary order
FSB forward support battalion
FSO fire support officer
FSSP fuel system supply point
gen generator
gen sup sec general support section
GMC ground maintenance company
GS general support
GSAB/GSAC general support aviation battalion/company
GSE ground support equipment
H&S headquarters and supply
hel helicopter
HEMTT heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HET heavy-equipment transporter
HHC headquarters and headquarters company
HMMWV highly mobile multipurpose vehicle
HNS host nation support
HQ headquarters
HS health services wheeled
HSC headquarters and supply company
HSS health services support
HTARS Hot Tactical Aircraft Refueling System
IAW in accordance with
IEW intelligence and electronic warfare
IHFR improved high-frequency radio
intel intelligence
IPB intelligence preparation
kw kilowatt
LEN large extension node
LID light infantry division
LIN line item number
LOC line of communication of the battlefield
log logistics
LRP logistics release point
LSA logistics support area
LZ landing zone
MA mortuary affairs
maint maintenance
mat sec materiel section
MCC movement control center
MCO movement control officer
MCP maintenance collection point
MCS maintenance control station
med sys rep sec medical system repair section
MEDLOG-D Medical Logistics--Division
MEDPAR-D Medical Patient Accounting and Reporting-Division
METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops and time available
MHE materials-handling equipment
MI military intelligence
MMC materiel management center
MOGAS motor gasoline
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOUT military operation on urbanized terrain
MP military police
MRE meal ready-to-eat
MRO material release order
MSB main support battalion
MSE mobile subscriber equipment
MSR main supply route
MSRT mobile subscriber radiotelephone terminal
MST maintenance support team
MTF medical treatment facility
MTOE modification table(s) of organization and equipment
MWO modification work order
MWR morale, welfare, and recreation
NAI NATO analog interface
nav navigation
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NC node center
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge
NCS net control station
NSN national stock number
OCOKA observation and fields of fire, concealment and cover, obstacles, key terrain, and avenues of approach
OIC officer in charge
OOTW operations other than war
OP observation post
op operation
OPLAN operation plan
OPORD operation order
OPSEC operations security
PAC personnel and administration center
PLL prescribed load list
plt platoon
POC point of contact
POL petroleum, oil, and lubricants
POM preparation for overseas movement
prod ctr production control
PWRMS pre-positioned war reserve materiel stocks
pwrtn power train
QC quality control
QSS quick supply store
qual con sec quality control section
RAU radio access unit
rdr radar
rep repair
RMC remote multiplexer combiner
ROC rear operations commander
RSSP ration supplement--sundries pack
RX reparable exchange
S&S supply and service
S1 Adjutant (US Army)
S2 Intelligence Officer (US Army)
S3 Operations and Training Officer (US Army)
S4 Supply Officer (US Army)
SAAS Standard Army Ammunition System
SALUTE size, activity, location, unit, time, equipment
SAMS Standard Army Maintenance System
SARSS Standard Army Retail Supply System
SCC system control center
sec section
SEN small extension node
SIDPERS Standard Installation/Division Personnel System
SINCGARS single-channel ground and airborne radio system
SLCR shower, laundry, and clothing repair
SOP standing operating procedure
SPBS-R Standard Property Book System--Revised
spt support
SSA supply support activity
STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System
stor storage
struct structural
sup supply
svc service
sys system
tac tactical
TACCS Tactical Army Combat Service Support Computer System
TAMMIS-D Tactical Army Medical Management Information System--Division
TAMMS The Army Maintenance Management System
TAMMS-A The Army Maintenance Management System--Aviation
tech technical
TMDE test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
TMT transportation motor transport
TOC tactical operations center
TOE table of organization and equipment
tp telephone
trans transportation
trk truck
ULC unit-level computer
ULLS unit-level logistics system
ULLS-A unit-level logistics system--aviation
ULLS-G unit-level logistics system--ground
UMCP unit maintenance collection point
UMT unit ministry team
WIA wounded in action
WSR weapon system replacement
WSRO weapon system replacement operations
XO executive officer

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