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This manual provides information on the structure and operations of the main support battalion. It is directed toward the commander and staff of the MSBs of divisions organized and operating under-L series TOEs as modified by the Force Design Initiatives for an Army of Excellence Study. It is also designed to be used by personnel concerned with providing or receiving support in the division support area.

The manual outlines the functions and operations of each section within the MSB; how the MSB commander and staff integrate their activities; and the MSB's role in providing support. This includes both the logistics and medical mission and the tactical responsibilities. This manual also describes the many coordination links the MSB must maintain with supported and supporting units.

This manual is based on doctrine in FMs 100-5, 100-10, 71-100, and 63-2-2. FM 100-5 is the Army's keystone doctrinal manual. It outlines how the Army will fight the AirLand Battle. FM 100-10 is the Army's keystone CSS doctrinal manual. It provides an overview of the CSS system for supporting the Army in the field. FM 71-100 is the Army's capstone manual for division operations. It assists the MSB commander in planning and conducting combat operations. FM 63-2-2 describes the support provided by resources within and outside of the division. It is directed toward commanders and staff who are concerned with providing CSS within armored, mechanized infantry, and motorized divisions organized and operating under/"Division 86" TOEs as modified by the Army of Excellence Study. (Work is currently underway on a new FM 63-2, which will cover the operations of a heavy division support command in depth. The new manual is designed to supersede FMs 63-2-2and 63-22.)

The proponent of this publication is HQ TRADOC. Submit changes for improving this publication on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) and forward it to Commander, US Army Logistics Center, ATTN: ATCL-CLD, Fort Lee, Virginia 23801-6000.

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