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A2C2 Army airspace command and control

AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAR after action review

acct account

ACE analysis control element

ACP air control point

ACR armored cavalry regiment

ADA air defense artillery

admin administrative

ADOCS automated deep operations coordination system

AFATDS advanced field artillery tactical data system

AFU ammunition and fire unit

AG adjutant general

AHA ammunition holding area  

AIRCOR air corridor

ALOC administrative and logistical operations center

alt altitude

AMC at my command

ammo ammunition 

AO area of operations

APA Army prepositioned afloat

APAM antipersonnel and antimateriel

app appendix

ArmyTACMS Army tactical missile system

ARTEP Army training and evaluation program

ARTY UNK artillery, type unknown (mnemonic)

ASAS/ACE all-source analysis system/analysis control element

ASL authorized stockage list

ASP ammunition supply point

atch attached

ATHS airborne target handover system

ATLASS asset tracking for logistics and supply system

ATP ammunition transfer point

ATIZ artillery target intelligence zone

avn aviation

az azimuth


BAT brilliant anti-armor technology submunition

BC battery commander, boom controller

BDAR battlefield damage assessment and repair

bde brigade

BER bit error rate

BFVS Bradley fighting vehicle system

BIT built-in test

BITE built-in test equipment

BMO battalion maintenance officer

BMT battalion maintenance technician

bn battalion

BOC battery operations officer

BSO battalion signal officer

btry battery


C2 command and control

C3 command, control, and communications

C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence

cat category

CBPS chemically and biologically protected shelter system

CDPU communications data processing unit

C-E communications-electronics

CEP circular error probable

CFF call for fire

CFFZ call-for-fire zone

CFZ critical friendly zone

CINC commander-in-chief

CMP communications processor

CMSC communications mode selector control

COC command operations center

comm communications

COMMZ communications zone

COMSEC commo security

coord coordinate

COP command observation post

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CS combat support

CSA corps storage area

CSB common sensor boundary

CSEU control system electronics unit

CSM command sergeant major

CSR controlled supply rate

CSS combat service support

CSSD combat service support detachment

CSSE combat service support element

CTA common table of allowances

CTT commander's tactical terminal

CVC combat vehicle crewman

CZ censor zone


D3 decide-detect-deliver

D3A decide-detect-deliver assess

DA Department of the Army

DAO division ammunition officer

DISCOM division support command

div arty division artillery

DMD digital message device

DMMC division materiel management center

DNE do not engage

DNVT digital nonsecure voice telephone

DOCC deep operations coordination cell

DOD department of defense

DODIC DOD identification code

DOP degree of protection

DOS days of supply

DPICM dual-purpose improved conventional munitions

DR downrange

DRA data rate adaptor

DS direct support

DSA division support area

DSU direct support unit

DSVT digital secure voice terminal

DTG date-time group


EA engagement area

EAC echelon above corps

EAD echelon-above-division

ECCM electronic counter-countermeasures

ECOF effects cutoff factor

ED emergency destruction

EEI essential elements of information

ELMC electronics maintenance company

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

EPE estimated position error

EPW enemy prisoner of war

ER extended range

EU electronics unit

EW electronic warfare


FA field artillery

fax facsimile

FCP fire control panel; functional command post

FCS fire control system

FCSB forward corps support battalions

FCU fire control unit

FD fire direction (radio net)

FDC fire direction center

FDDM fire direction data manager

FDO fire direction officer

FDS fire direction system

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FED forward entry device

lSG first sergeant

FH frequency hopping

FIST fire support team

FLOT forward line of own troops

FM frequency modulated

FM;CFF call for fire

FM;FDSMOD fire mission; fire direction system modification (mnemonic)

FM;FOCMD forward observed command

FOM figure of merit

FP firing point

FRAGO fragmentary order

FS fire support

FSB forward support battalion

FSC field service company

FSCL fire support coordination line

FSCM fire support coordinating measures (mnemonic)

FSCOORD fire support coordinator

FSE fire support element

FSEM fire support execution matrix

FSSG force service support group

ft feet

FWR fire when ready


GCE ground combat element

GCS guidance and control section

GMLA guided missile launch assembly

GMT Greenwich mean time

GPS global positioning system

GS general support

GSM ground station module

GSR general support reinforcing

GTA graphic training aid


HA hide area

HEMAT heavy expanded-mobility ammunition trailer

HEMTT heavy-expanded-mobility tactical truck

HET heavy equipment transport

HHB headquarters and headquarters battery

HHS headquarters, headquarters and service

HMMWV high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HOB height of burst

HPT high payoff target

HQ headquarters

HSS health service support

HUMINT human intelligence

HVT high value target


IAW in accordance with

ICE individual chemical equipment

ID(M) infantry division (mechanized)

IFSAS initial fire support automation system

IGAMMO ignore ammunition (mnemonic)

IMINT imagery intelligence

in inch

INOP inoperational

INTSUM intelligence summary

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield


JMEM/SS joint munitions effectiveness manual for surface to surface

JSTARS joint surveillance target attack radar system

JTF joint task force


kg kilogram

km kilometer


LCAC landing craft, air cushion

LCM-8 landing craft, mechanized

LCU lightweight computer unit

LDF lightweight digital facsimile

LDS launcher drive system

LLM launcher-loader module

LNO liaison officer

LOC logistics operations center; lines of communication

LOS line of sight

LP listening post

LPC launch pod container

LRP logistics release points

LRU line replaceable units

LTACFIRE lightweight tactical fire direction system


m meter

MACOM major Army command

MAGTF Marine air ground task force

man maneuver (attack guidance matrix)

MAXRKTS maximum rockets (mnemonic)

mb megabytes

MBA main battle area

MCC movement control center

MCFSS Marine Corps fire support system

MDS met data system

MEB Marine expeditionary brigade

MEF Marine expeditionary force

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

MFOM MLRS family of munitions

MICOM U. S. Army Missile Command

MLRS multiple launch rocket system

MLRSIZ multiple launch rocket system size (mnemonic)

MMC materiel management center

MMS met measuring set

mod modification

MORT UNK mortar, type unknown (mnemonic)

MOU memorandum of understanding

MP military police

MPF Maritime prepositional force

MPT mobile pay team

MRL multiple rocket launcher

MSB main support battalion

MSE mobile subscriber equipment

msn mission

MSR main supply route

MSRT mobile subscriber radiotelephone terminal

MST maintenance support team

MSTAR MLRS smart tactical rocket

MTP mission training plans

MTOE modification tables of organization and equipment


NAI named area of interest

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCO noncommissioned officer

NCS net control station

NHA noise hazard area

NLT not later than

NMC not-mission-capable

NNFP non-nuclear fire plans

NRI net radio interface


OIC officer in charge

ONC on call

OOTW operations other than war

OP observation post

OPAREA operational area

OPCON operational control

OPER operational

OPLAN operation plans

OPORD operation order

OPSEC operations security

OPTEMPO operation tempo


PA physician assistant; position area

PAC personnel and administration center

PADS position and azimuth determining system

PBO property book officer

PCU power conditioner unit

PE probable error

PIM payload interface module

PIR priority intelligence requirements

PL phase line

PLGR precision lightweight GPS receiver

PLL prescribed load list

PLU program load unit

PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services

POC platoon operations center

POL petroleum, oils and lubricants


QE quadrant elevation

QSTAG quadripartite standardization agreement


R reinforcing

RAM random access memory

RAU remote access unit

RDF radio direction finding

RDP range-deflection protractor

REC radio-electronic combat

recon reconnaissance

retrans retransmission

RF radio frequency

rkt rocket

RL reload point

ROM refuel on the move

ROZ restricted operations zone

RP release point

RSOP reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position

RSR required supply rate

RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition

RX repairable exchange


S1 adjutant

S2 intelligence officer

S3 operations officer

S4 battalion logistics officer

S&S supply and service

SAIK stand-alone installation kits

SCP survey control point

SDA surface danger area

SDZ surface danger zone

SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses

SEN small extension nodes

SIGINT signals intelligence

SIGSEC signals security

SIMO simultaneous observation

SINCGARS single-channel ground and airborne radio system

SITREP situation report

SNVT short/no-voltage tester

SOF special operations forces

SOI signal operation instruction

SOP standing operating procedure

SP start point

SPAP special applications

SPAPS special applications packages

SPBS standard property book system

spt support

SRP/PDS stabilization reference package/position determining system

STANAG standardization agreement

survl surveillance

SVF standard volleys factor

SYS;PTM plaintext message (mnemonic)


TA target acquisition

TAA tactical assembly area

TACON tactical control

TACFIRE tactical fire direction system

TBP to be published

TCF tactical combat force

TCIM tactical communications interface module

TD tank division (Threat)

TDA target damage assessment

TFC tactical fire control

TID TACFIRE interface device

TLE target location error

TM technical manual

TMD theater missile defense

TOC tactical operations center

TOE tables of organization and equipment

TOT time on target

TSOP tactical standing operating procedure

TTF time to fire

TTP tactics, techniques and procedures

TTT timed time on target

TVA target value analysis

TWR timed when ready


UAV unmanned aerial vehicles

UBL unit basic load

ULLS unit level logistics system

UMCP unit maintenance collection point

US United States

USAF United States Air Force

USAFAS United States Army Field Artillery School


(V) voice (radio net)

VHF very high frequency

vol volleys

VSF volleys size factor


WILCO will comply

WLR weapons locating radar

WMD wind measuring device

WR when ready

WSRO weapon system replacement operations


XO executive officer

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