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Preparation for Operations


  • Personal field gear and equipment.
  • Camouflage screening system.
  • Hex tent/stove/cots/water cans.
  • Communications Systems:

-Radios/COMSEC devices

-OE254 Antenna

-AN/G RA-39 Remote

-TA-312 Telephone

-DR-8 (w/WD-1A/TT)

  • TA-1035/U with MX-10891/G field wire.
  • Maps and overlay material.
  • Field table with chairs.
  • Office supplies and materials to include:


-Notepads and tablet

-Rubbing alcohol/paper towels

-DA Form 1594/fire mission logs


  • TSOP/SOI/OPLAN/OPORD of parent unit.
  • TSOP/SOI/OPLAN/OPORD of supported unit.
  • Location and route to supported CP.
  • Intelligence update.
  • Current plans, orders, maps, overlays, and targeting information to include concept of operation and commander's intent.
  • Unit locations/readiness and strength.
  • Land management coordinating agency (force headquarters FSE).
  • Logistical considerations and supporting agencies.
  • Current status of supported unit's mission.
  • References field and technical manuals.

Liaison Operations

  • Report to gaining unit S3 and brief and graphics on current status of parent unit and mission.
  • Receive updated briefing and status on supported unit.
  • Establish and maintain communication(s) with parent unit.
  • Participate in supported unit's orders process, briefings, and rehearsals. Assist in development of:

-FS Execution Matrix

-FS Plan

  • Advise on parent unit capabilities, requirements, limitations, and employment.
  • Visit and coordinate with all supported unit staff elements.
  • Send parent unit routine updates regarding mission, unit locations, future operations, and commander's intent.
  • Organize sleep plan for 24-hour operations.
  • Ensure supported unit S3 is aware of your location at all times.
  • Accomplish mission without interfering with the supported unit's operations.
  • Facilitate information exchange.

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