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Ammunition interoperability between the US Army and its allies is important. The purpose of this appendix is to show the field artillery ammunition components that are authorized and/or acceptable for exchange between the US and various allies during training and combat conditions. This has been done through the use of tables. Countries for which data are currently available are: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and United States.


Tables N-1 and N-2 reflect the cartridge-propellant charge combinations that are authorized for firing by US troops in training. Tables N-1, N-2 and N-3, describe complete round combinations authorized for exchange by a memorandum of agreement signed by each nation. A mix of components of other nations is not authorized for use by the US. For example, a German projectile cannot be used with a Canadian propellant charge for training.

Note: The following charts cover only authorized items for NATO countries and US use. If a munitions item has not been authorized, it is because it has not yet been determined to be safe to fire or it has been determined that the munitions items cannot be safely fired from the US weapon systems.


Ammunition combinations acceptable for exchange only during combat are described in the appropriate STANAG and the Land Forces ammunition Interchangeability Catalogue (Short Title-Allied Ordnance Publication [AOP]-6). Table N-3 describes the cartridge and fuze combinations acceptable for exchange in combat for 105-mm howitzers. Tables N-4, and N-5, show the projectile and propellant charges acceptable for exchange in combat for 155-mm howitzers. When Tables N-3, N-4, and N-5 are used in conjunction with Table N-7, complete round combinations which can be exchanged in combat can be determined.


Do not mix ammunition components of one nation with those of another. Additionally components in Tables N-3 through N-7 are to be exchanged only in combat.

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