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a. These rapid fire tables include all the elements of the platoon leader's (XO's) minimum QE discussed in Chapter 6 except Angle 1 (site to crest). Separate tables are included for each weapon-fuze-propellant combination. The value listed for elevation in all tables is the sum of the TFT elevation, two forks, Angle 2, and the comp site factor for the vertical angle of site for +300 mils angle of site. The tables are valid only when the sum of Angle 1 and Angle 2 (appropriate vertical clearance) is 300 mils or less. If the sum is greater than 300 mils, you must compute the data as shown in Chapter 6. To expedite the process of determining angle 2, Table K-1 is provided.

b. The time listed in the armed VT fuze tables (M513, M514, M728, M732) includes the TFT time of flight plus 5.5 seconds expressed to the next higher whole second (minimum safe time) for each listed range. When the time set on the VT fuze is equal to or greater than the time listed in the table, the platoon leader's (XO's) minimum quadrant elevation for fuzes other than VT is used (unarmed VT).

Note: All M557, M564 tables are used for unarmed VT fuzes. Use information in the EL column of the VT tables only when firing less than min safe time.


a. Add Angle 1 and Angle 2. Sum must be 300 mils or less to use rapid firing tables (Tables K-2 through K-16).

b. Enter the table at the piece-to-crest range and determine the elevation for the appropriate charge(s).

c. Add Angle 1 and elevation obtained from appropriate table. The sum is the minimum quadrant elevation.

d. There are restrictions on the use of the VT fuze when firing certain charges on some weapon systems. These areas are boxed on the tables by shading. For the specific restrictions, refer to the weapon operator's manual and/or TM 43-0001-28.

e. The TI column in the rapid fire tables is the same as minimum safe time (MST).

f. Fuze M732 has the same performance characteristics as fuze M728.


Gun #1 (155-mm howitzer M109A3) range to the crest is 900 meters. Angle of site reported by the chief of section is +80. Determine the minimum quadrant elevation for charge 5 white bag, fuze M564 for Gun #1.


  • Angle of site to crest (Angle 1)
  • Add Angles 1 and Angle 2
  • Sum is 300 mils or less. Use rapid fire tables.
  • Using Tables K-8 through K-16, enter the appropriate table with the appropriate fuze and propellant type. Extract elevation at the appropriate charge and piece-to-crest range.
  • Add Angle 1 to the minimum elevation.
  • Gun #1 minimum QE

Note: Always compute the XO's minimum QE for all howitzers and select the largest value as the platoon leader's or battery XO's minimum QE.

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